Innovating for Efficiency: The indurad and Glencore Nickel Partnership at the Port of Quebec

Published on 01 Apr 2024

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In the dynamic sector of logistics and port management, where efficiency and safety are paramount, a notable partnership emerges as a highlight of innovation. This narrative explores the collaboration between indurad, a leader in radar-based automation and safety technologies, and Glencore Nickel, focusing on their combined efforts to enhance operations at the Port of Quebec. We will examine their journey from initial concepts to practical achievements, driven by technological expertise and a mutual dedication to environmental responsibility and operational excellence.

Bridging Innovation and Operational Excellence

The partnership between indurad and Glencore Nickel came about because they both wanted to solve a big problem in port operations: keeping the surface level of concentrate just right to reduce dust emissions. Rusty Hopper, a respected engineer at Glencore Nickel in Sudbury, Ontario, shares the story of how this project started and succeeded. It's all about improving how things work while being kinder to the environment. This effort is a great example of Glencore's commitment to getting better all the time and its ISO 14001 certification for environmental management.

The Genesis of a Groundbreaking Solution

In 2018, Glencore Nickel began searching for innovative ways to solve the problem of poor visibility in cargo holds, a situation made worse by the use of fog to keep dust down. This search led them to partner with indurad. Indurad's radar technology has the special ability to work well even in tough conditions. This partnership started an ambitious project to put in place a 3D vision system aimed at transforming how cargo is managed and meeting environmental standards.

Dual Benefits: Environmental Sustainability and Safety

Adding indurad's technology to Glencore Nickel's processes brought significant improvements, starting a new chapter in environmental care and operational safety. This technology allowed workers to see the cargo surface in real-time, greatly reducing dust emissions and meeting tough environmental rules. At the same time, a new collision avoidance system was put in place, making operations safer by lowering the chances of accidents between equipment. This not only made the workplace safer but also helped avoid delays and save on repair costs.

Technological Synergy: The Path to Implementation

The transition from idea to reality showcased the powerful partnership between indurad and Glencore Nickel, highlighting their shared determination to surpass conventional operational limitations. This segment explores the technical details of implementing the 3D vision system, focusing on the inventive use of remote connectivity for setup and the crucial involvement of indurad's service experts in ensuring smooth integration and upkeep. The project's triumph was augmented by its diverse team, composed of individuals from three countries speaking four languages, demonstrating the extensive reach and comprehensive nature of international cooperation.

The Path Forward

As we consider the fruitful collaboration between indurad and Glencore Nickel, it becomes clear that this endeavor goes beyond mere improvements in operations and environmental care. It stands as a shining example for the industry, showcasing the power of innovative technologies in addressing enduring challenges. The journey of these two companies serves as an inspiring call to action, encouraging industries to explore the possibilities of technology in balancing efficiency, safety, and environmental stewardship.


The partnership between indurad and Glencore Nickel at the Port of Quebec highlights the transformative power of innovation in industrial operations. It vividly demonstrates how technology can turn ambitious aspirations into attainable achievements. As industries globally observe and draw lessons from this pioneering collaboration, the message is clear: embracing technological progress is essential for unlocking higher levels of operational efficiency, safety, and environmental care. This narrative isn't just an invitation; it's a compelling story urging stakeholders from all sectors to witness firsthand the remarkable impact of indurad's solutions in practical settings.


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