SAP Sapphire 2023: Unveiling Cloud Acceleration and Transformative Offerings

Published on 13 Feb 2024

SAP Sapphire 2023

At SAP Sapphire 2023, the tech giant showcased its commitment to accelerating cloud investments. Emphasizing the superiority of Cloud ERP for business enhancement, SAP unveiled its plan to assist existing ECC customers in transitioning to S/4HANA Cloud through the RISE offering.

SAP customers now face a pivotal decision: opting for a swift shift to S/4HANA Cloud over the traditional lift and shift of their customized ECC. The narrative strongly suggests that the question is not whether to move to the cloud but rather when.

S/4HANA Private Cloud: Tailoring Business Processes for Customer Needs

For SAP customers and enterprises using existing ERP systems, the introduction of S/4HANA Private Cloud, packaged as "RISE with SAP," offers a flexible approach. This allows businesses to adjust processes according to their requirements and manage the pace of change on their timeline.

Mid-market customers can anticipate faster and more cost-effective SAP implementations. The Two-Tier ERP strategy, supported by the new "Two-tier Accelerator," enables large enterprises to leverage both Public and Private Cloud editions. This is especially advantageous for scenarios like mergers and acquisitions, new business models, and global expansion.

Business Technology Platform (BTP): Paving the Way for Composable Architecture

The adoption of the Business Technology Platform (BTP) is maturing rapidly as the key enabler of the Composable Architecture framework from the SAP PaaS perspective. Innovations and optimizations, including SAP Build, SAP Integration, and AI/ML/RPA services, are expected to accelerate.

SAP customers need to stay informed about the evolving BTP landscape and services while designing their future S/4 + BTP architecture. With the market evolving and hyper-scalers offering native PaaS services, customers should carefully assess their options.

Data Unification and Sustainability Solutions

Unifying and managing data across SAP and non-SAP sources is highlighted for achieving significant reductions in data extraction needs. The extent of SAP data sources versus non-SAP sources across the enterprise is a critical factor, requiring further analysis.

For customers prioritizing sustainability metrics, SAP suggests evaluating and incorporating emerging sustainability solutions as part of their overall Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy.


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