Spidering AI

Published on 29 Apr 2024

Spidering AI

Spidering AI is the most popular AI Automation technique using ML to automatically generate the tests for applications. Spidering crawls through the application and measures load times, collects feature data through screenshots and HTML downloads for the given web application under test.

AI understands expected product patterns and identifies any deviations. QA testers can validate the identified discrepancies and strategize.

Strength of AI Spidering:

AI spidering is particularly useful in the field of automation testing with its ability to automatically create tests for software applications. This approach parses multiple attributes of each UI element providing us faster and more stable UI Tests.

Instead of mocking responses from a database or server, it records actual server responses during testing over time. Future testing can then rely on these stored responses.


  • Using spiders, AI tools point to your web app and automatically scan it, creating data sets and templates for application testing.
  • By pointing AI/ML tools in web app, it begins crawling the application and generate test scenarios.
  • Spiders systematically browse the World Wide Web to index website content.
  • The process of spidering involves collecting data from websites and organizing it for search purposes.

Future Scope:

  • Customizing the chat bots
  • Spidering is a technique used in cybersecurity to identify potential vulnerabilities in web applications.
  • Automated spidering tools can automatically scan web applications, collect data, and create templates for testing.
  • In web application penetration testing, both manual and automated spidering approaches are used to discover and map an application’s structure and content.
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