Steering Your Facility IntoThe Future: Robotics and IoT for Facility Managers

Published on 28 Nov 2023

Facility Management with Robotics


The facility management industry is undergoing a transformative shift with robotics, R&D, and IoT integration. As a facility manager overseeing advanced robotic applications, your role extends beyond integration to daily operations, maintenance, and expansion. This guide focuses on assessing readiness, building R&D capabilities, maintaining robotic facilities, and integrating IoT in a concise approach.

Assessing Readiness for Robotics and Automation

Before managing existing robotic facilities, evaluate your team's readiness. Consider skills, workflow adaptation, leadership alignment, infrastructure, and financial planning. This phase establishes the foundation for successful integration.

Building a Robust R&D Capability

Effectively managing an existing robotic facility requires a strong R&D capability. Set up dedicated R&D groups, monitor advancements, conduct controlled pilots, protect intellectual property, and collaborate with external partners for continual enhancement.

Establishing and Maintaining Robotic Facilities

The transition to managing existing robotic facilities demands attention. Conduct facility assessments, and risk assessments, implement safety measures, and follow maintenance best practices for smooth functioning.

Integrating IoT Infrastructure

Resilient IoT infrastructure is critical for seamless integration. Ensure high-bandwidth internet connectivity, real-time tracking through sensors, central data lakes, predictive insights through algorithms, and efficient data synthesis for agile operations.

Empowering the Workforce for the Digital Future

Success in integrating robotics, R&D, and IoT relies on the workforce's capabilities. Implement strategies like upskilling, cross-training, change management, fostering innovation, and promoting collaboration for a well-equipped team.


The facility management industry stands at the forefront of a transformative era with robotics, R&D, and IoT. Embrace new technologies, foster innovation, and empower your team with a strategic and proactive approach for long-term success in facility management.

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