Taktile, Raises, $20M
Taktile Raises $20M

Many automated decisions made by fintech businesses, such as whether or not a consumer is granted a credit line, are based on the hard-coded...

24 Nov 2022 Prerna Mahtani
FlowForge, Raises, Funds
FlowForge Raises Funds

A new firm founded by one of the original developers of the open-source Node-RED project aims to make it simpler for businesses to bridge th...

19 Nov 2022 Prerna Mahtani
Twitter, Hiring
Twitter To Start Hiring

After firing around 6,000 of Twitter's 7,500 employees in only three weeks, Elon Musk is actively seeking new employees. It has been claime...

14 Nov 2022 Prerna Mahtani