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Understanding Fintech

In general, the word "financial technology" refers to any advancement in how people do business, from the introduction of digital money to double-entry accounting. However, financial technology has grown explosively since the internet and mobile internet/smartphone revolutions, and fintech, which originally referred to computer technology applied to the back office of banks or trading firms, now refers to a wide range of technological interventions into personal and commercial finance.

Furthermore, the term financial technology (Fintech) refers to new technology that aims to improve and automate the delivery and usage of financial services. Fintech, at its heart, is used to assist corporations, company owners, and consumers in better managing their financial operations, procedures, and lives through the use of specialized software and algorithms that are used on computers and, increasingly, smartphones. The term "fintech" is an abbreviation for "financial technology."

When the word "fintech" first appeared in the twenty-first century, it was initially used for the technology used at the back-end systems of established financial institutions. However, there has been a shift to more consumer-oriented services and, as a result, a more consumer-oriented definition since then. Fintech currently encompasses a wide range of sectors and industries, including education, retail banking, fundraising and nonprofit, and investment management, to mention a few.

Fintech also includes the creation and use of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. While that sector of fintech receives the most attention, the real money is still in the traditional global banking business, which has a multi-trillion-dollar market value.

Hence, the best financial white papers and the top fintech news can help you understand the truly profitable markets that are sure to help your business grow by helping you make well-informed decisions.

Types of The Best Financial White Papers

Some areas that you can learn about from our white papers in fintech and marketing whitepapers are:

Tax Compliance Fintech White Papers

Anyone who has filed taxes will know that it can be a complicated process. Tax compliance can be very complex for businesses. As there are new technologies and services emerging, governments around the world are continually changing their regulations and compliance requirements. To keep up with this demand and to simplify tax filing and remittance, new services are emerging.  Due to this, tax compliance white papers can also be related to HR whitepapers. These services make use of technology whitepapers in a variety of ways to simplify tax filing. From automation in tracking tax liabilities to platforms that allow for quick calculations.For example, take a look at Avalara’s Communication Tax Survival Guide, which can help communication service providers deal with their tax compliance more effectively. Similarly, other best finance white papers can help you down the line to get a better understanding of a subject to use it effectively. 

Financial Planning & Supply Chain Fintech White Papers 

Financial planners have to analyze and gain insights from a large volume of data. Technology can provide them with the tools necessary to gain valuable insights from this data and make more informed decisions. For example, a supply chain finance white paper can help a business understand the most optimal and effective supply chain process to adopt that will offer long-term benefits. Fintech service providers have introduced software for Corporate Performance Management that makes Integrated Financial Planning (IFP) possible. Basically, resources like best financial white papers around the supply chain have made it easier for CFOs to make more accurate predictions for future expenses and create effective budgets. Read more about IFP in our white paper Cross company financial planning for CFOs and Controllers

Fintech White Papers On Electronic Signatures

As companies move away from costly paper-based processes and embrace digitalization, electronic signatures are becoming more commonplace. Today businesses can choose to share agreements, contracts, and invoices electronically. Electronic signatures make it possible for these to be acknowledged, confirmed, and signed electronically. Without the need to ever print a paper copy. These signatures are legally binding and secure. E-signs have helped reduce the turnaround time for many processes and have made it possible for businesses to work with one another more quickly without the need to wait for signatures on paper documents. Hence, these resources can also be related to IT whitepapers. Read our white paper Why It Pays to Use an Electronic Signature to learn more about the advantages of electronic signatures.

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