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A portmanteau of the words marketing and technology. The word mar-tech is used to describe tools and efforts that utilize technology to attain marketing objectives. Technology has been growing rapidly over the past decade. The emergence of the cloud and increase in remote working has impacted all areas of business including marketing and sales teams.

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What Is A Market Research White Paper?

If you’re wondering what a market research white paper is, you’ve come to the right place. The definition of a whitepaper varies greatly by industry, which can be perplexing for marketers wanting to generate one for their company.

The traditional term originates from politics, where it refers to a legislative document that explains and supports a specific political solution.

A market research white paper in technology typically describes a theory underlying a new piece of technology. Even a business whitepaper can be utilized for a number of purposes and audiences, some of which are more product-focused than others. And, despite the fact that it is formatted similarly to an ebook, the two are written somewhat differently.

Marketers write marketing whitepapers to educate their target audience on a certain subject or to explain and advocate a specific methodology. These marketing white papers are sophisticated problem-solving manuals. Marketing whitepapers typically demand at least an email address to download (and often more information), making them ideal for capturing leads.

Marketing White Paper Examples

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Marketing Research White Papers On The Importance of Digital Experiences

Businesses need to evolve their approach towards content. Today, consumers have come to expect quality experiences online. A user’s interaction with your business is no longer limited to one channel or one device. It is essential that you provide visitors with a consistent and quality digital experience no matter what device, channel, or platform they are using to interact with your business. Successful marketing efforts make use of digital experiences to increase brand loyalty, credibility, and sales. This marketing white paper by Contentful will give you more information on how to deliver cutting-edge digital experiences to your customers.

Latest White Papers On Negotiating with Salesforce 

The series of white papers by ClearEdge will provide you with the knowledge you need to make the best deal with Salesforce. The sales representatives at Salesforce are very skilled at driving up costs. They are incentivized to get the highest possible revenue from your organization. By taking the time to prepare you can gain leverage and negotiate effectively with Salesforce. A good deal can save your business significant costs as Salesforce solutions are some of the most expensive in the industry.

Marketing White Paper On Automation and Digital Transformation

Automation is no longer just a buzzword. It is key to running a successful business. Wherever possible businesses need to invest in automation. Digital transformation goes hand in hand with automation. Together automation and digital transformation are fundamentally changing how businesses operate and work. This marketing whitepaper by Forrester takes an in-depth look at how businesses are changing and provides valuable insights. 

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