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Published on 20 Aug 2022

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Celebrity public relations Cameo is resuming its efforts to offer virtual meet-and-greets with celebrities on its platform. Cameo Live is a new service that the firm is unveiling today that gives a 10-minute live video conversation with a celebrity. Customers may choose for a one-on-one session, send the call as a gift, or participate with up to nine friends.

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An Overview of Cameo Calls

If the feature seems familiar, it is because Cameo has already attempted to deploy comparable features twice. In June 2020, Cameo announced its initial version of Cameo Live, which also supported 10-minute video chats with a maximum of five participants (not including the celebrity). A little less than a year later, in April 2021, Cameo discontinued the function and, in September 2021, introduced "Cameo Calls" as its successor. At the time, Cameo promised that the function would support video calls of up to 15 minutes in length; however, many celebrities only provided calls of two to three minutes at launch.

In a recent statement, Cameo now refers to Cameo Meetings as its "two-minute meet & greet offering," indicating that celebrities are no longer electing to host the lengthier calls that were touted when the tool was introduced. With the debut of the new Cameo Live, Cameo Calls will be terminated.

Cameo Live Celebrities

Cameo claims that "thousands" of celebrities have already signed up for Cameo Live and cites Sean Astin (who portrayed Sam in The Lord of the Rings films), Bonnie Wright (Ginny from the Harry Potter films), James Marsters (Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and McLaren CEO Zak Brown as examples. The fees for a 10-minute Cameo Live vary from £208 (about $250 USD) to £1,660 (approximately $2,000 USD), according to their biographies.

Calls may be scheduled through the Cameo website, where you can propose up to three prospective call dates and times.


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