Top 12: Best B2B Content Syndication Companies in 2023

Published on 29 May 2023

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What are B2B content syndication companies?

B2B content syndication companies specialize in distributing and promoting business-to-business (B2B) content across various channels to reach targeted audiences. These companies typically partner with publishers and utilize their networks to syndicate B2B content to relevant platforms, such as industry-specific websites, blogs, newsletters, and social media channels. B2B content syndication companies help businesses increase their brand visibility, generate leads, and drive traffic to their websites by leveraging their expertise in content distribution and audience targeting within the B2B space. They play a crucial role in amplifying B2B content reach and maximizing its impact on the intended business audience.

B2B Content syndication services involve the process of republishing or distributing content, such as blog posts, articles, whitepapers, and case studies, to third-party platforms that attract the desired audience. Best B2B content syndication companies have extensive networks of publishers, industry-specific websites, social media platforms, and email lists to ensure maximum exposure for their clients' content.

What do Content Syndication Companies do?

Content syndication companies specialize in B2B content syndication services by dissemination of content created by businesses or individuals to a wider audience. They establish networks of publishers, websites, social media platforms, and email lists to promote and distribute content effectively.

The primary function of content syndication companies is to take the content produced by their clients and make it available for publication on third-party platforms. These platforms can range from popular news sites and industry-specific websites to niche blogs and social media channels.

By partnering with one of the best content syndication companies, businesses can benefit from the following B2B Content syndication services:

  • Content Placement: Content syndication companies strategically place the content created by businesses on relevant platforms that attract their target audience. This ensures that the content reaches the right people who are interested in the industry or topic.
  • Audience Expansion: Content syndication companies have an extensive network of publishers and aggregators across different sectors and niches. This enables businesses to tap into new audiences and gain exposure to a broader range of potential customers.
  • Increased Reach: Through B2B content syndication services, content is distributed beyond the company's owned channels and shared on platforms with established readerships. This allows businesses to reach a larger audience and gain more visibility for their brand.
  • Lead Generation: Syndicated content is often designed to generate leads and drive conversions.B2B Content syndication services help generate leads by capturing the interest of prospects and providing a means for them to express interest or request more information. Content syndication companies use various strategies to attract the attention of potential customers and encourage them to take action, such as signing up for newsletters, downloading resources, or requesting more information
  • Analytics and Reporting: To measure the effectiveness of content syndication efforts, these companies provide analytics and reporting tools. This allows businesses to track key metrics, such as engagement, clicks, conversions, and leads generated, providing valuable insights for optimizing future content distribution strategies.

Top 12 B2B Content Syndication Companies of 2023


1.  iTMunch

iTMunch, as one of the best B2B content syndication companies, leverages its extensive network of over 1500 affiliate content syndication platforms to effectively syndicate content on behalf of businesses. With this vast network, iTMunch enables clients to reach their desired audiences with precision and scale. iTMunch uses its B2B content syndication services by tapping into a network that encompasses more than 1 million users, iTMunch ensures that syndicated content receives maximum exposure and engagement. This widespread reach allows businesses to expand their brand visibility, generate leads, and establish meaningful connections within their target market. With its robust syndication capabilities, businesses can confidently distribute their content to a wide and relevant audience, maximizing the impact of their B2B content marketing strategies. With an impressive track record, iTMunch has successfully delivered B2B content syndication services and programs for over 90+ brands globally



2. Outbrain

Outbrain, is a leading platform for content discovery and native advertising. With its extensive network of premium publishers and personalized recommendations, Outbrain drives engagement and traffic to brands' websites. Its advanced algorithms and analytics tools ensure optimal campaign performance. 



3. Taboola

Taboola is a renowned content discovery and recommendation platform trusted by publishers and advertisers. With personalized content recommendations across digital channels, Taboola effectively connects brands with their target audience, maximizing reach and engagement. Its popularity stems from its ability to deliver tailored content experiences and facilitate effective audience targeting in the ever-evolving digital landscape




4. Revcontent

Revcontent is a native advertising platform known for delivering high-quality and engaging content to a diverse audience. With its content recommendation solutions, Revcontent enables publishers and advertisers to reach their target audience effectively. Its focus on quality and engagement sets it apart in the realm of content recommendation platforms



5. Zemanta

Zemanta is a versatile content amplification platform that boosts brand visibility and drives traffic by distributing content through various channels. From native advertising to social media and display networks, Zemanta empowers businesses to expand their reach and enhance their content's impact in the digital landscape



6. Shareaholic

Shareaholic provides content amplification tools such as content recommendations, social sharing buttons, and related posts widgets. These tools empower publishers and brands to boost engagement and expand their audience reach. By leveraging Shareaholic's solutions, businesses can effectively increase their content's visibility and foster greater audience interaction.



7. Disqus

Disqus is an engagement platform enabling publishers to syndicate their content and connect with readers across diverse websites and blogs. By facilitating discussions and expanding exposure, Disqus helps foster meaningful interactions and increased visibility for publishers seeking to engage their audience effectively