Achieving Applications Security Maturity: Lessons from a CISOs journey to resiliency

Published on 07 Feb 2024

Applications Security

Applications are the lifeline of the modern-digital enterprises. Not only do companies and customers understand this, but even cyber threat actors are no strangers to this fact. They are always on the lookout to exploit vulnerabilities, which is evident from the fact that, every day, hackers hack an average of 30,000 websites. You read that right! 30,000 websites every day.

No CISO wants their enterprise to become part of this metric. Unfortunately, most organizations aren't able to crack the code on how to integrate security into every step of the SDLC. More often than not, this is not because of budget or resources but because of the lack of a sound Application Security strategy.
Many strategies work, but at the core of each of them lie the 4 levers:

1) Security-First Culture
2) Optimization of Tools and technology
3) People's awareness and experience
4) Re-imagined SDLC processes

Check out this inspiring story of a fellow security leader about their journey to application security maturity. Learn how they leveraged the above-listed principles to build a robust application security ecosystem without stalling or slowing down the application development process.


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