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Published on 25 Aug 2023

AWS Activate

In the fast-paced world of startups, having a groundbreaking idea is just the beginning. To truly succeed, you need the right resources and support to transform that idea into a thriving business. Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leading cloud provider, offers startups a unique opportunity to achieve this through its AWS Activate program. With a wide range of benefits, including expert guidance, credits, and access to exclusive offers, AWS Activate equips startups to build scalable, reliable, and cost-optimized businesses that can conquer the challenges of the modern market.

What is AWS Activate?

AWS Activate is a specialized program designed to nurture startups throughout their developmental journey, from conceptualization to exponential growth. Since its inception in 2013, AWS Activate has welcomed over 200,000 startups and invested more than $2 billion in AWS credits*. This support is a testament to AWS's commitment to fostering innovation and helping startups thrive on their platform.

The program is accessible to startups less than a decade old, providing them with a comprehensive array of resources. From tailored training and pre-built infrastructure templates to customizable content and the opportunity to apply for AWS Activate credits, startups can access a wealth of resources to simplify and optimize every step of their journey.

Who Can Apply?

AWS Activate is open to all eligible startups, and the application process is straightforward. Startups only need to create a free AWS account, and from there, they can apply for the AWS Activate program. This grants them immediate access to a suite of benefits that cater to their unique needs. Once their product is ready for deployment, startups can apply for AWS Activate credits, which allow them to access a wide array of cloud services, from computing and storage to analytics and machine learning, enabling them to bring their business concepts to life.

Startups can choose between two tiers when applying for AWS Activate credits:

  • AWS Activate Founders: For unfunded or funded startups meeting specific criteria, such as being new to AWS Activate and having a functioning company website or profile.
  • AWS Activate Portfolio: For self-funded or funded startups associated with an AWS Activate Provider, possessing a functioning company website, and not exceeding $100,000 USD in awarded or redeemed AWS credits.

Benefits of AWS Activate

The moment a startup joins AWS Activate, a realm of benefits becomes available. From the outset, startups gain access to AWS credits, technical support, and training. The AWS Activate Console serves as a personalized hub, offering tools, resources, and content tailored to each startup's unique needs, whether they're ideating, building a minimum viable product (MVP), securing their first customer, or scaling their business. The console delivers real-time updates on the health of their AWS environment, cost optimization tools, and personalized training recommendations based on their AWS usage.

The Activate Exclusive Offers (AEO) marketplace connects startups to third-party services and tools, enabling them to access resources necessary for growth. These offers, including cost reductions and free access to third-party services, products, and memberships valued up to $800,000, empower startups to accelerate their journey.

As startups deploy and grow on AWS, AWS Activate grows with them, providing the potential to earn up to $100,000 in AWS Activate credits. These credits enable experimentation with different AWS services, fostering the development of an infrastructure tailored to the startup's unique needs.

AWS Activate Console

The AWS Activate Console serves as a central hub equipped with tools, resources, and content tailored to startups' various developmental stages. The console features over 40 solution templates built by AWS experts, which facilitate quick deployment and iteration. It also offers personalized resources that scale with a startup's growth, best practices training from AWS experts, real-time updates on AWS environment health, and cost optimization tools to make the most of available credits.

AWS Activate Credits

All AWS Activate members are eligible to apply for credits when they're ready to build their MVP business. These credits enable startups to accelerate growth, reduce startup costs, and receive expert support. AWS Activate credits can be used across more than 200 fully-featured AWS services, including databases, machine learning, security, and more. Cost optimization tools ensure effective credit utilization, and AWS Developer Support credits provide invaluable technical assistance.

AWS Startup Loft

AWS Activate members enjoy access to physical and digital spaces, including AWS Startup Loft locations in prominent global cities and the AWS Virtual Loft. These spaces serve as hubs for startups to engage in networking, training, and events. The AWS Virtual Loft offers virtual one-on-one sessions with startup experts, webinars covering various startup topics, and virtual workshops and training programs.

Startups Building with AWS Activate

The impact of AWS Activate is evident in startups that have harnessed its benefits. Paytron, a global payments platform, used AWS Activate credits to initiate its DevOps model and streamline its operations. Gallus Insights provides cost-effective insights across various industries, leveraging the power of AWS to process and analyze data. Apify, a web scraping and automation platform, scaled its services globally with the support of AWS Activate. Spacelift, a cloud management platform, reduced cloud management time by 90% with AWS Activate.

Getting Started with AWS Activate

Initiating the journey with AWS Activate is simple. Startups need to create a free AWS account and apply for AWS Activate. This opens the door to the AWS Activate Console, where startups can access resources tailored to their needs. When ready, startups can apply for AWS Activate credits to offset their AWS spend, subsequently harnessing the full potential of AWS services.


AWS Activate is a transformative program that empowers startups to become scalable, reliable, and cost-optimized businesses. With a range of benefits, including expert guidance, credits, and exclusive offers, startups can confidently navigate their developmental journey. By joining the ranks of successful startups that have thrived on AWS, entrepreneurs can propel their business ideas from conception to reality, harnessing the power of the cloud to conquer new horizons.

*All AWS credits are in USD and subject to the AWS Promotional Credit Terms & Conditions.


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