Green Mining Revolution: Marimaca Copper Leads the Way

Published on 13 Jun 2024

Green Copper Initiative

Imagine copper mining that treads lightly on the Earth. This visionary approach is the driving force behind the Marimaca Copper Project, nestled within Chile's rich copper belt. Marimaca Copper embraces eco-friendly mining by pioneering innovative and sustainable extraction methods.

A Windfall Discovery and Rapid Advancement

Born from an intriguing discovery in 2016, Marimaca has diligently explored the vast potential of its 66,000-hectare landholding. By late 2024, they anticipate completing a comprehensive study paving the way for their ambitious goal of extracting 50,000 tonnes of copper annually.

Environmental Stewardship at its Core

What truly sets Marimaca apart is its unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and community engagement. To minimize water usage, they effectively employ recycled water from a nearby bay. Additionally, their reliance on clean solar and wind power significantly reduces their carbon footprint. This, coupled with their unique heap leaching process and the project's location in Chile's arid Atacama Desert, translates to minimizing air pollution and a healthy ecosystem.

Perfectly Positioned for Success: Marimaca's Strategic Location

The Antofagasta region offers Marimaca a strategic advantage. Proximity to key infrastructure, established ports, and a skilled workforce in nearby towns like Mejillones and Antofagasta streamlines operations. Marimaca prioritizes fostering strong partnerships with these communities, ensuring mutual benefit and sustainable development.

Savvy Financial Management for Long-Term Success

Marimaca Copper's careful financial planning ensures the durability of their project. Their low capital expenditure and manageable operational costs position them for robust investor returns. Early projections reveal an impressive 20% return on investment, even under conservative estimates. This underscores Marimaca's ability to strike a balance between profitability and environmental responsibility.

Guiding Lights with Proven Expertise

Marimaca Copper boasts a leadership team brimming with experience. Industry veterans like Clive Newall and Leonardo Hermosilla steer the project with a blend of profound knowledge and forward-thinking vision. They champion responsible practices and ensure adherence to the highest industry standards.

Open Communication, Enduring Partnerships

Marimaca recognizes the value of open dialogue and collaboration with surrounding communities. This fosters trust and facilitates the resolution of potential challenges. Regardless of copper price fluctuations, Marimaca remains steadfastly committed to safe and sustainable mining, working hand-in-hand with its partners.

A Bright Outlook for Copper

Marimaca looks towards a promising future for copper. As global demand for this vital metal rises, Marimaca, as one of the few significant new copper discoveries, is well-positioned to capitalize on market conditions, creating shared value for all stakeholders.

A Pioneering Legacy in Resource Development

Marimaca is revolutionizing copper mining by seamlessly integrating environmental consciousness, financial prudence, and innovative approaches. Their commitment to sustainability, strategic location, and collaborative spirit set a groundbreaking precedent for responsible resource development. As Marimaca Copper embarks on its journey, they extend an invitation to join them in forging a brighter, greener future for mining in Chile and beyond.


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