How Innovative Server Technologies Fuel Success in Organizations

Published on 12 Oct 2023

Server Technology


Today, businesses and their tech teams have many things to handle. They need to keep the daily tasks running smoothly, support workers in the office and from home, and find new ways to make their business better. To do all of this, the tech leaders (we call them IT decision makers) need strong, easy-to-use, and safe technology.

A smart, automatic, and easy server solution helps these tech leaders connect people, apps, and data, no matter where they are. More importantly, it lets them do this safely. With this technology, they have more time to focus on what matters most: coming up with new ideas.

This paper is based on a big survey with 4,300 IT decision-makers from different companies. It looks at how new technologies can change the way businesses use servers and the good things that come from using these new server solutions.

Different Types of IT Decision Makers

Tech leaders come in different flavors. Each has a different way of looking at new ideas:

  1. The Chameleon (14%): These leaders are good at seeing the big picture. They like to talk and get new ideas from people around them, but they may find it hard to manage many different team priorities.

  2. The Navigator (16%): Navigators like to think about the future and solve problems carefully. They're good at finding logical solutions but can get frustrated by daily issues.

  3. The Adventurer (14%): Adventurers are very enthusiastic and will do anything to make their company's ideas come true. They like to explore new things and aren't scared to try something different, but they can get bothered by small details.

  4. The Juggler (7%): These leaders have many good ideas, but it's hard for them to decide where to start. Once they make a choice, they stick with it and make sure it works well.

  5. The Thinker (12%): Thinkers like to take their time before making decisions. They want all the information before they choose what to do. But they can be influenced easily by what others say.

The Journey to Innovation

Every company is at a different stage of their innovation journey. Some are just starting (Inhibitors), while others are really advanced at it (Pioneers). Most companies fall somewhere in the middle of this journey. It's like a road, and they're all at different points along the way. Some are just getting on the path, and others have been traveling it for a while.

Challenges of Managing Servers

Companies are facing difficulties when it comes to managing their servers. This is especially true for those companies that are putting in a lot of effort to become more innovative. They run into problems like dealing with complicated processes, not having enough power to handle new tasks, and struggling to keep their expenses within their budget.

Making Servers Better with the Cloud

One way that companies are improving their server systems is by using the cloud. The cloud is like a tool that helps them store and use information over the internet. Most of the companies that are really good at innovation have already shifted many of their operations to the cloud. This switch to the cloud helps them become even better at finding new ideas and being more flexible.

The Good Things from Automatic Servers

When companies use servers that can work automatically, they get a bunch of benefits. It helps them work more efficiently and faster. For companies that are excellent at innovation, they get even more advantages. They can accomplish more work and enhance their ability to keep everything safe from issues and threats. It's like having a helper that does tasks automatically, making everything smoother and more secure.


Having modern and automatic servers is super important for companies. Servers that work automatically not only help with getting things done faster but also give more time for coming up with new ideas. By using these smart servers, companies can make things safer, and easier, and have more time for finding new and better ways to do stuff.

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