Substance Use Disorder in Workplaces

Published on 07 Aug 2023

Improved Employee Productivity through Akoma Health

Discover actionable insights on tackling substance use disorder in the workplace through our compelling white paper, "SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER AT THE WORKPLACE." Gain a deep understanding of the distinctions between substance misuse, abuse, and dependence, and learn about the significant impact these issues can have on employee performance – from declining work performance to absenteeism. 

Uncover the role of workplace stress as a significant trigger and explore how public health awareness and support can make a transformative difference. We passionately advocate for the power of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), explicitly leveraging the proven expertise of Akoma Health to provide your employees with high-quality, culturally-conscious mental wellness support. 

Elevate your organization's well-being culture, employees' vitality and your company's success by contacting: today!

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