10 Climate Tech Businesses To Preserve Earth

Published on 06 Jun 2022

Climate Tech Businesses

The urgency of protecting and saving our planet necessitates nations and industries worldwide to collaborate closely to accelerate the adoption of cheap, clean technologies. Our startup ecosystem is reacting to a proliferation of climate technology firms and increased funding available for these companies.

Climate technology refers to technologies that are expressly geared at lowering GHG emissions or addressing the effects of global warming. Climate technology applications may be categorized into three broad, sector-independent categories: those that directly reduce or eliminate emissions, those that help us adapt to the effects of climate change, and those that improve our knowledge of the climate.

We prepared a list of ten European climate tech firms tackling the problem of climate action. These firms target critical climate action areas, including mobility and transportation, energy, food agriculture, land use, industrial manufacturing, built environment, and financial services.

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Klima's climate app enables users to become carbon neutral fast and sustainably. The software assesses your carbon footprint, and with your membership fee, it offsets your emissions by contributing to certified climate programs that eliminate or decrease the same emissions elsewhere. The application also advises how to live climate healthy and make substantial changes. Klima, founded in 2019 and headquartered in Berlin, obtained €5.1 million in a seed round in 2020 from Christian Reber, Jens Begemann, Niklas Jansen, e.ventures, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, and 468 Capital.

Volta Trucks

Volta Trucks is attempting to transform "last-mile" logistics by electrifying and revamping huge cargo trucks, known as Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) in Europe, for middle- and last-mile delivery in urban centers. This reduces the likelihood of crashes and carbon emissions produced by big delivery vehicles. Volta Trucks, established in 2019, obtained €37 million in Series B fundraising in September 2021 to expand its operations, beginning with a fleet of pilot trucks in London and Paris. This latest contribution increases the amount to €60 million.


Verkor, a French startup headquartered in Grenoble, intends to expedite the manufacturing of low-carbon batteries in France for the European market. In July 2021, less than one year after its founding in 2020, it obtained a historic €100 million fundraising round. The money will be used for the firm's growth, including creating the Verkor Innovation Centre (VIC), where innovative battery cells and modules will be made to fulfill Europe's net-zero aspirations.


Founded in 2016, Zolar is a German supplier of solar power solutions. Zolar assists its customers with installing solar power systems on their rooftops, acting as a one-stop-shop for the whole process, from design to installation. By providing customers with the opportunity to rent a photovoltaic system for as low as €54 a month, Zolar intends to overcome the barrier posed by the high upfront cost of installing solar power systems in their houses. After twenty years, the client may purchase the system for a symbolic Euro and continue to enjoy its advantages for an additional decade. Zolar got €20 million in capital from Berliner Volksbank through a special-purpose entity in November 2021, increasing its total funding to date to €59 million. The new monies were designated for Zolar's expansion into new European markets.


The construction industry significantly impacts CO2 emissions. Approximately 28% of the almost 40% of yearly worldwide CO2 emissions caused by buildings are attributable to building operations, while the remainder is attributable to building materials and construction. Metrikus, a 2019-founded London-based startup, is tackling the problem of decreasing the carbon footprint of building operations with its smart building platform. Metrikus's software offers building owners and occupants a robust platform that delivers information and analysis about the use of their properties. Metrikus obtained finance from RentaMarkets for €5,6 million in November 2020.


This 2019 Paris-based startup calls itself a cultured meat firm, creating meat developed in labs from animal cells. Starting with a premium product – cultured foie gras – and a premium distribution approach, Gourmey intends to offer its cultured meat to chefs at upscale restaurants. Gourmey also plans to mass-produce chicken and duck farmed meat products, decreasing reliance on climate-intensive items. Gourmey's €8.8 million ($10 million) seed round was co-led by Point Nine and Air Street Capital in July 2021.


Cervest is an AI-driven climate intelligence platform that enables enterprises to evaluate climate risk across several decades and hazards at the asset level. Cervest obtains its data from a mix of public and commercial data sources, developed over years of peer-reviewed study, and employs machine learning and statistical science to understand climate risks to assets. Its initial product, "EarthScan," will provide businesses and governments with an understanding of how floods, droughts, and severe temperatures may affect their assets. The perspective of EarthScan on floods extends back 50 years and 80 years. In May 2021, Cervest, a company founded in 2015 and headquartered in London, raised €27 million for its growth in Europe and the United States.


Calyxia is a French startup headquartered in Bonneuil-Sur-Marne, Île-de-France, aiming to revolutionize the way industries use microplastics with its biodegradable microcapsules that combat microplastic pollution. Microplastics are present in controlled delivery goods, such as the active chemicals in crop protection and the scents in detergents, which ultimately enter our water systems and are consumed by fish. This year, the European Union will ban all "intentionally introduced microplastics." Calyxia is addressing this prohibition. Calyxia secured an additional €15 million in September 2021, increasing its total financing to €23 million.


The transition to a circular economy is one of the most effective means by which we may minimize waste, especially in the case of electronic items, which are all too frequently seen as disposable yet leave a toxic byproduct in our environment. Refurbed is a marketplace for reconditioned gadgets in Europe. Refurbished focuses on providing things that seem to be brand-new at cheaper prices than its rivals. Approximately 130 refurbishers are selling on its site. Refurbed, a Vienna-based company launched in 2017, received a €48 million capital increase in August 2021.

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Equity Carbon

Carbon Equity, a climate finance firm founded in 2021 and located in Amsterdam, allows individuals to participate in climate funds more simply. Carbon Equity enables modest ticket sizes beginning at €100,000 for investments. They want to lower the ticket size in the future further. Carbon Equity received a startup investment of €1.2 million from Dutch VC firm 4Impact in August 2021. Making it easy to invest in climate funds would increase the amount of capital available to continue innovation in climate technology.


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