Amazon Prime Prices Go Up

Published on 21 Jul 2022

Amazon Prime, Prices

In September, Amazon will increase the price of its European Prime membership by up to 43 percent annually. Amazon confirmed in an overnight email to customers that its annual Prime membership fee would increase by 20 percent from £79 to £95 on September 15. In France, the annual cost has risen from €49 to €69.90, a 43 percent increase.

Amazon will also increase prices by 39 percent yearly in Spain and Italy and 30 percent annually in the company's second-largest market, Germany. Amazon's pricing hikes for Prime in Europe came only months after the price of Prime in the United States increased from $119 to $139 per year. In most areas, Amazon Prime provides expedited delivery, access to discounts, and free streaming of movies and television shows.

Amazon is also boosting the monthly fee of Prime by £1 or €1 in European regions. The monthly costs do not include the annual membership discount, evident from Amazon's price changes that most families subscribe annually. These are the yearly pricing hikes for Amazon Prime in Europe:

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  • UK - £79 to £95, an increase of 20%
  • France - €49 to €69.90, an increase of 43%
  • Germany - €69 to €89.90, an increase of 30%
  • Italy - €36 to €49.90, an increase of 39 %
  • Spain - €36 to €49.90, an increase of 39 %

Amazon Prime Price Trends

This is also the first rise for Amazon Prime in the United Kingdom, Amazon's second-largest market after the United States, since 2014. The market research company Kantar reports that more than fifty percent of British homes have an Amazon Prime membership.

According to Reuters, Amazon attributes the price hikes to "rising inflation and operations expenses." The news of the pricing hike comes just days before Amazon is scheduled to release its Q2 earnings report. Last quarter, Amazon announced its first quarterly deficit in seven years, attributing a portion of the loss to higher fuel, shipping, and warehouse storage costs.


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