Apple Indirectly Confirms its Self Driving Car Project

Published on 09 Oct 2021

We have not received any concrete information about Apple's self-driving car for some time. However, recently Apple created a job listing for a Radar Test Engineer to join the company's sensors team. The team is developing new radar technologies that will be used in autonomous systems. Through this listing, Apple has inadvertently confirmed that they are still working on an autonomous vehicle, most have inferred this would be a self-driving car.

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What we know about Apple's car project

Rumors of Apple's self-driving car project first came to light at the beginning of 2015. We know that Apple is working on an autonomous automotive project. This project has been codenamed Titan. What form this product/service will take is not confirmed. Many people have speculated that it will take the form of an Actual Car based on the fact that Apple has hired many professionals for specialized automotive roles. However, it is possible that project Titan could end up being software that is sold to other car manufacturers, it could be hardware or tech that can be integrated into existing cars. Over the years there have been a lot of rumors about Apple partnering with various car manufacturers to bring their vision to the mass market. In the past, it has been reported that Apple was in talks with Hyundai, Kia, and Nissan to manufactures it car project. However, no such partnership has been confirmed. 

As mentioned above most of the rumors surrounding the car project are fueled by job listings Apple creates. The most recent listing for a Radar Tech Engineer seems to confirm that the company is still developing an autonomous vehicle. The job listing does not specify the word car, instead, it says the engineer would need to “develop and maintain automated test drivers and test software to interface and collect data from radar sensors and radar test equipment.” As of now, most insiders believe that the company will launch its car project at some point in 2025 and that we might see a prototype by 2023. 

Tesla asks beta testers of its self-driving software to 'share selectively'

There is also news about Tesla's self driving project. The company has an early access program that allows some users to act as beta testers for the company's new software. These beta testers have received access toTesla's 'full self-driving software'. Vice got hold of the NDA that these beta testers are expected to sign. In the agreement, Tesla tells beta testers to be selective with what videos and information about the software they share publicly. The document also prohibits testers from giving rides to media personnel. The document also states, “Do remember that there are a lot of people that want Tesla to fail; Don’t let them mischaracterize your feedback and media posts.”

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