Apple News: Bigger Watch 7, iPhone 13 and 14 Updates

Published on 25 Aug 2021

Based on a screenshot shared by Twitter use @PandaIsBald, it is being reported that all four models of the iPhone 13 will be going on sale around September 17th. Rumors have been circulating that the iPhone 14 will allow users to control the phone by blowing on it. Leaks of the Apple watch 7 indicate it may lose its curved display and opt for a flat-edged screen for a design style similar to the latest generation of iPhones. More details are below:

iPhone 13 coming in September?

Apple has traditionally launched its phones in September. Last year due to the pandemic things were somewhat delayed, the company started pre-orders for the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro in mid-October, and the 12 Mini and 12 Pro Max became available in early November. According to a screenshot be Twitter use @PandaIsBald from a Chinese retail store, all four iPhone 13 models should be released at the same time in September. The company and its partners have adjusted to the changes caused by the pandemic and should be able to move back to their traditional September timeline.

Potential Feature Update for The iPhone 14

With its upcoming launch most of the attention is currently is on the iPhone 13. However, there have also been wild rumors circulating about a potential new feature that will be coming to the next generation of iPhones and perhaps even its wearables. The latest rumor suggests that users would be able to control the iPhone 14 by blowing on it. The speculation is based on a patent that describes the technology and its ability to detect ‘blow events’. The new technology is capable of detecting pressure below a certain threshold. This combined with a motion sensor will give the phone the ability to detect if the user is blowing on the phone intentionally or if it's wind resulting from regular motion, like running. If true, the feature could be useful for users who use these devices on one hand. The ability to blow on a device to navigate, switch between apps, etc could eliminate the need for users to use their other hand. It’s important to note, that often patents are filed when features are in their ideation stage, and often, they lead nowhere. Don’t hold your breath for this one.

The Apple Watch 7 Could Have a Flat Screen

Based on reporting from MacRumors, the Apple Watch 7 may be available in 41 mm and 45 mm sizes. This is 1 mm larger than the current 40 mm and 44 mm sizes for the Watch 6. The report also suggests that the Watch 7 will move away from the curved screen design that watches have had so far and instead feature a flat-screen. The Watch 7 and iPhone 13 are expected to be announced at an Apple event in the coming month.

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Featured image: Apple