Bing Integrates ChatGPT

Published on 08 Feb 2023

Bing, ChatGPT

Today marks "a new day for search," as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella put it. Microsoft has been pushing Bing for 13 years, but users have been resistant during that time, keeping Bing's worldwide market share in the low single digits. The corporation is going all out now to compete with Google. The long-awaited addition of OpenAI's GPT-4 model to Bing, creating an experience similar to ChatGPT, was unveiled today during a press event held by Microsoft in Redmond, Washington.

The new AI functions are also included in the company's Edge browser, which is releasing an updated version today.

Bing's updated interface is now available, although some restrictions are still in place. You must join the waiting list if you want the full experience.

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Microsoft Advances With Technology

As was to be anticipated, the latest version of Bing includes a chat button in the toolbar that initiates a conversational experience similar to ChatGPT. It's important to note that although OpenAI's ChatGPT bot is only current to 2021, Bing's version can process inquiries about far more recent events (think today, not 2021).

The Microsoft team is committed to upholding the company's AI Principles, as stated by CEO Satya Nadella, and they recognize the need to be wary of the possible drawbacks associated with any new technology. Being "clear-eyed" about the "unintended implications of any new technology," he added, is essential. He emphasized that Microsoft is interested in developing and using technology that helps people work more efficiently and ethically.

Nadella stated his confidence that this technology would revolutionize "every software category" and emphasized the power such a technology would have to alter the internet. He predicts that agents will shortly mediate all interactions with computers. Microsoft sees search as the initial step in this process.

Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi highlighted that modern search engines still well-served navigational inquiries and informative queries seeking fundamental facts. However, half of today's inquiries are too complicated for even the most advanced search engines to handle ("can you propose a five-day itinerary for Mexico City?").

A List of Updated Bing Features

When using the updated Bing features, you'll see a new box on the right side of the page containing results based on GPT. Find these results when you ask a question that Bing can answer.

In contrast, the ChatGPT mode is ideal for open-ended queries that don't have a single, definitive response. Bing will also attempt to prompt you with its own questions and propose probable answers to them, which is the only big change you will likely notice immediately. Compared to what is available now from ChatGPT, Microsoft's concept is a lot more modern. It will send you an email to share this plan with relatives and friends. For example, this information may contain price data or the option to utilize recent data for travel recommendations and itineraries.

Also noteworthy is that at the bottom of each response provided by Bing is a "learn more" section that includes citations and external links to the sources used to compile that answer. There will be a rating and comment section for each outcome.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Bing's original, link-focused design will continue to be available for some time. It retains the same familiar functionality but with added intelligence.

Benefits of The New GPT Version

Microsoft emphasized the usage of a new version of GPT that is capable of generating more relevant responses, annotating these, and offering up-to-date results while providing a more secure user experience. This design is known as the "Prometheus model." Microsoft is basically just adopting and incorporating them into Prometheus and other Bing technologies.

Microsoft and OpenAI have a tight working relationship. As a follow-up to its original $1 billion investment, the business has declared that it would make more investments and expand its cooperation with OpenAI, which has led to today's announcement. And even though Bing has always been a respectable search engine (perhaps much better than most people have ever given it credit for), it has never achieved widespread popularity. It has always satisfied its consumers, so they see no need to go elsewhere. This might be one advantage of ChatGPT until Google releases its rival product to a larger audience.


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