Discord Gets Automated Moderation Tool

Published on 16 Jun 2022

Discord, Automated Moderation Tool

AutoMod, an automated moderating solution built directly into the platform to alleviate the burden on human moderators, is now widely available on Discord. In conjunction with the official release of AutoMod, Discord is allowing additional servers to provide paid memberships to its users and is introducing new tools to manage these premium subscriptions.

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AutoMod is meant to search servers for certain words and phrases and automatically administer actions such as banning messages, notifying administrators, and locking offenders. For a few months, the functionality has been accessible to a "limited number of servers," but it is now accessible to all Community Servers on Discord.

AutoMod is a built-in solution to the third-party moderation bots that have grown up to automate the sometimes arduous task of keeping communities on the site safe and peaceful. At launch, AutoMod provides three predefined lists of terms that moderators may choose to filter, with the opportunity to add up to three unique lists of prohibited words. Future AutoMod capabilities will include the ability to identify and filter bad links and spam, according to Discord's FAQ.

AutoMod is accessible to administrators with the "Manage Server" permission and may be accessed in the settings menu of a server. It is only accessible for community servers, which are supposed to be bigger venues akin to public chatrooms, as opposed to small groups of friends who wish to use Discord to communicate while playing games.

The Premium Memberships component of Discord, which debuted as a restricted pilot last December, is spreading to additional qualifying servers in the United States. The functionality is intended to allow administrators to commercialize access to their server via member-only chatrooms and other perks. In addition, additional features are being added, such as an analytics dashboard for administrators to monitor premium income, the option to provide free trials, and support for custom server emoji.


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