Facebook X Rayban Smart Glasses: Everything you need to know

Published on 11 Sep 2021


Facebook has announced their first pair of smart glasses in partnership with Rayban. The glasses are based on Rayban’s classic wayfarer design. They feature a pair of cameras, a speaker, and a microphone. Users will be able to take photos and videos and answer calls. The glasses will be marketed as RayBan Stories.

Understanding the smart glasses hardware

The glasses are a few millimeters thicker and five grams heavier than conventional Rayban wayfarers. Each side of the glasses features a video camera. Together the cameras are able to take 5-megapixel videos and short stories. The glasses have only one button on the side that can be used to take short videos of up to 30 seconds and pictures. The frames also have open speakers and a three microphone array. The microphones enable voice commands for the device. Meaning it can be used hands-free.

Concerns regarding privacy

Facebook does not have the best track record with user privacy and their handling of private data. Most recently the company bungled their communication about an update to the privacy policy of the popular message app WhatsApp. Facebook seems to be aware of the public perception regarding its image and addressed privacy concerns in its announcement. The company said, “We baked privacy directly into the product design and functionality of the full experience, from the start. For example, we have hardware protections like a power switch to turn off the cameras and microphone, as well as [a] capture LED hardwired to the camera that shines a white light when you’re taking photos or videos to notify people nearby.”

Despite the company’s assurances there is still concern that the glasses could be used inappropriately. Users could easily obscure the white led with the use of black tape or some putty. Facebook has stated that tampering with the glasses in this way would be a violation of the terms of service, however, there is no way for the company to detect if said tampering is taking place

Comparisons to Snap’s Spectacles

These are not the first smart glasses of their kind. Snapchat owner Snap recently released the third generation of their smart glasses that are called Spectacles. Even though each generation of Snap’s glasses has gotten better, they have failed to gain significant traction. Last year Snap had to write down a loss of 40 million dollars for their unsold inventory of spectacles. With similar capabilities, Facebook’s glasses are being compared to Spectacles. Facebook, however, has made it clear that they are not worried about the competition. The company believes that their glasses are more fashionable, and with a voice assistant, microphone and speakers are able to deliver a better user experience.

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