Google Adds 360-degree View

Published on 07 Nov 2022

Google, Adds, 360-degree, View

Now, in the United States, you can use Google Search for more than simply finding Taylor Swift concert tickets; beginning today, the search engine will employ augmented reality to help you locate the ideal pair of shoes without ever leaving your house. Google is also working to improve the accessibility and use of its augmented reality beauty tool.

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The First Look

Initially shown at September's Search On event, Google now offers 360-degree 3D images of footwear, seemingly as part of the company's ongoing effort to overhaul its search engine. See how they might appear in your own home by virtually trying them on using augmented reality and zooming in on the details.

Unfortunately, at the moment, these 3D shoe models are only available for Saucony, Vans, Sperry, and Merrell shoes. Google plans to expand its shoe inventory to include additional brands and styles, including popular sneakers like Puma.

Those acquainted with online shoe purchasing know that 3D shoe shopping is nothing new, thanks to sites like Amazon and eBay. It's also quite similar to the 3D renderings of furniture and decor that Google introduced in May.

Benefits for Retailers

It may be excellent news for retailers if the most popular search engine on the internet supports augmented reality shoe buying. With 3D images, "shoppers interact with it 50 percent more than static ones," Danielle Buckley, head of product for consumer shopping, stated in an email to The Verge. Any shoe company may display its wares in 3D and AR on Google immediately.

Google's also working on technologies it believes should make it simpler to generate such 3D models, helping retailers save time and money. Google's senior product manager, shopping Lilian Rincon dug significantly more into the tech provided in her September blog post.

"While many merchants currently have 3D models accessible, we recognize developing these assets can be expensive and time-consuming, typically needing hundreds of product photographs and pricey equipment," Rincon said. Using a limited amount of still photos and recent advancements in learning algorithms, it is now feasible to automatically create 360-degree shifts of shoes (instead of hundreds).

Google has updated its augmented reality (AR) beauty tool to make it simpler and more accessible, in addition to releasing new 3D footwear. Google has released a new picture collection with 148 models with a "broad range of skin tones, ages, genders, facial shapes, nationalities, and underrepresented skin types." According to the IT giant, this should provide customers access to more than 2,000 different foundation tones, increasing the likelihood that they will discover the perfect match.

Shoppers may easily see how a foundation appears on models with comparable skin tones by searching for a certain shade online. The buyer may then decide which store they choose to purchase from.

Buckley claims that the foundation is the most popular option for beauty-related Google queries. To counteract this, 41% of online beauty buyers return beauty, or cosmetic goods bought online because it's the incorrect hue.


Featured image: Google Ads


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