Google Opens Testing Program for Pixel

Published on 13 Mar 2022

Google Pixel

To allow Pixel owners to obtain early access to Android innovations, Google has launched a new beta program for Pixel users. For its next Quarterly Platform Release (QPR), Google has recently announced the first beta version of the software. When issued to Pixel devices, Feature Drops is the name of these updates. 9to5 According to Google, these functionalities may be made available to the public as part of Google Pixel's June software update.

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The Beta Version

Android's developer site was updated to indicate that the beta is now available for Pixel devices dating back to the Pixel 4. Unfortunately, this does not include the Pixel 3A, which according to 9to5Google, will have its service term expire in May.

Despite the fact that Android's major version number upgrades normally get the most attention, Google has begun issuing more incremental feature updates to its Pixel devices throughout the year since 2019. In addition to Google's March Pixel feature drop, the news of the new QPR beta comes only a few days after Android 12L was released from beta earlier in the week. 

As with the Android 12L beta, which started in December, Google provides early adopters with the opportunity to test out its mid-year upgrades before they are officially released to the general public in the coming months.

The Features

The most important element left out of Google's announcement of its next beta is any indication of what features are included in the release. According to a statement from Google, the upgrade "provides advancements to functionality and user interaction, and the most recent bug fixes, optimizations, and the March 2022 security patches" for the time being, but will be followed by more updates in the future. However, when consumers dive into this and future Google betas, we'll be able to get a clearer sense of what it's all about.

Featured image: Google

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