Instagram is testing desktop posting features

Published on 18 May 2021

According to a leak via Twitter by Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is internally testing a feature that would allow users to post content to Instagram via a regular browser. This means desktop users will be able to upload images and content directly from their computers, without the need to open a mobile browser, phone emulator, or transfer content to a smartphone.

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has had a staunch mobile-only approach. The company intentionally prevented users from being able to upload content via their computers. The goal was to encourage people to post content created on mobile devices. However, over the years this has caused a lot of frustration amongst users who prefer using their desktop devices. Paluzzi shared images that showed a new upload window, users can drag and drop images in the window to post them on the app. Once the image is uploaded, users can zoom in, crop to standard Instagram square, landscape, or portrait sizes. Once cropped, users can edit and add filters to their images exactly as they do on the mobile version. In the final step, users can add the location, caption, alt text, and tag people. Paluzzi clarified that the feature was being tested internally and there was no clear timeline as to when it will be made available to general users. Instagram has not made any announcements or statements regarding the features or the leak.

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Other news from Instagram

Add pronouns to your profile

Last week Instagram announced via its Twitter account and @Creators profile that users would now have the ability to add pronouns to their profiles. The feature is currently available in a few countries with plans to add more. The latest update will allow users to add up to 4 pronouns to their profiles or users can choose not to display the field. Most Gen-Z users today already include their preferred pronouns in their bio, it seems Instagram has taken notice and added pronouns as an optional field.

Facebook's Instagram for children receives severe backlash

Last month we covered a story that Facebook had shared plans to build a version of Instagram targeted at children under the age of 13. Attorneys General from 44 states in the United States have sent a joint letter to Facebook urging the company to abandon its plans due to concerns regarding privacy and the effects of social media on young people. Currently, Facebook does not allow users under the age of 13 to sign up for its services like Facebook and Instagram. However, many underage users still join these platforms by simply lying about their age during signup. A spokesperson for Facebook said that the company would work with regulators and lawmakers as its plans regarding the new service continue to evolve. The company has currently not announced when it will launch the planned service.

Feature image: Twitter | @instagram