LTIMindtree Earns Distinction as GSI Partner of the Year 2022

Published on 29 Feb 2024

GSI Partner of the Year 2022

LTIMindtree proudly announces its recognition as the esteemed 'GSI Partner of the Year 2022' by WSO2, a renowned leader in open-source digital transformation technology. This prestigious accolade underscores LTIMindtree's unparalleled contributions to WSO2's success and growth, solidifying its position as a top partner through our comprehensive services and global presence. Join us on a journey of innovation and collaboration with WSO2 to unlock boundless possibilities for their clients worldwide.

Empowering Digital Transformation Through Strategic Collaboration

Explore how LTIMindtree's end-to-end implementation, migration, AMS services, and assessment offerings synergize with WSO2's cutting-edge technology to drive digital excellence. LTIMindtree’s global footprint, coupled with advanced digital capabilities, positions it to deliver exceptional service quality and tailored solutions that propel its clients toward success.

LTIMindtree's Appreciation for WSO2's Leadership

LTIMindtree extends heartfelt gratitude to WSO2's leadership for this prestigious accolade, reflecting their commitment to excellence and collaboration in driving digital transformation on a global scale. Let us join in celebrating this milestone and embarking on a journey towards a brighter, digitally empowered future.


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