Revolutionizing Future & Options Trading: A Google Cloud Migration Success Story

Published on 26 Feb 2024

Cloud Migration

Embarking on a digital transformation journey, a major British banking and financial services giant sought to migrate its applications to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Laden with challenges like sluggish page loading and delayed responses, the client aspired to enhance user experience, optimize costs, and expedite deployment cycles.

Challenges Faced:

  1. Application Migration to GCP: The need to leverage on-demand scalability benefits.
  2. Performance Issues: Slow initial page loading and delayed responses impacting user satisfaction.
  3. Manual Testing and Deployment Procedures: Prolonged cycle time between requirements and releases.
  4. Cost Optimization: Aiming to reduce licensing costs for the database and web server.

Our Strategic Approach:

To address these challenges, LTIMindtree implemented a holistic solution:

  1. Containerized Deployment on GKE: Utilizing Google Kubernetes Engine for frontend and backend containerized deployment.
  2. Data Migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL: Ensuring seamless transition and optimal database performance.
  3. Automated DevSecOps Pipeline: Implementation of an end-to-end automated process for building, testing, security, and deployment.
  4. Transition to Open-Source Software on GCP: Migrating from on-premises licensed software to open-source alternatives on GCP.
  5. Code Quality and Security Assessments: Conduct thorough assessments and vulnerability scans to comply with cloud cybersecurity standards.

Business Benefits Achieved:

The outcomes of this migration were transformative and yielded significant business benefits:

  • Inaugural Application Launch on GCP's India Region: Marking a successful transition to the Google Cloud ecosystem.
  • Automated Testing and Deployments: Elevated application quality with streamlined testing and deployment processes.
  • Enhanced Visibility and Adherence to SLAs: Cloud monitoring and alerts for proactive fault detection and resolution.
  • 50% Enhancement in Application Performance: Resolving performance issues and optimizing user experience.
  • 80% Faster Deployments: Accelerated deployment cycles for quicker releases.
  • Cost Savings of USD 1.5 Million Over 5 Years: Optimizing costs and achieving substantial savings.

For a detailed exploration of the challenges, strategies, and transformative outcomes, download our comprehensive whitepaper. Discover how our expertise in Google Cloud migration can propel your organization towards digital excellence.


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