Net AI Aims To Help 5G Telecom Carriers Reduce Their Costs And Carbon Impact

Published on 18 Nov 2021

Net AI, an Edinburgh-based startup, has raised £750,000 in pre-seed funding with the goal of becoming the market leader in analyzing traffic throughout 5G mobile networks, revolutionizing the managers of software-based mobile infrastructure, and empowering mobile networks operators (MNOs) to comply with strict customer requirements cost-effectively.

TechStart Ventures led the round, with participation from Nauta Capital, Creator Fund, Old College Capital, as well as Edinburgh Technology Fund.

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Artificial Intelligence To Bolster 5G Network Providers

The business, which is a spin-out from the University of Edinburgh, is utilizing artificial intelligence to increase the efficiency and profitability of 5G network providers. It will utilize the funds to grow its personnel, speed product development, and market entry, and defend the company's intellectual property.

Net AI's Microscope solution, which leverages AI and cloud computing technologies, provides 5G providers with real-time insights about network demand on a service-by-service basis. At the moment, the hardware and software necessary to handle raw data at various locations along a network are both costly and inexact.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Net AI examines this network data and categorizes it according to the applications it encompasses, enabling operators to prioritize where to invest their computer resources. Thus, the business allows service providers to maximize the value of data, enhance their profit margins, and satisfy customer expectations while minimizing their carbon impact.

A Detailed Analysis Of Network Demand

Net AI provides telecoms with a number of insights, including a comprehensive breakdown of network demand that informs operators about service use at any place and time, as well as how traffic expenditure for these services will vary in the future.

Automating The Global Network

By 2024, the worldwide network automation market is expected to reach a value of more than £20 billion. Dr. Paul Patras, CEO, and co-founder of Net AI said, "We live in an insatiable data-hungry environment. Microscope's artificial intelligence and cloud-based technologies provide a new path to future 5G services that are more affordable, efficient, and environmentally friendly. This financing represents just the beginning of our partnership options with mobile network operators including telecommunication Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), as well as our ability to give immediate access to our AI-driven traffic deconstruction engine to those interested.”


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