Quora Launches New AI Chatbot

Published on 19 Dec 2022

Quora, Launches, New, AI, Chatbot

With the release of Poe, Quora has shown interest in text-generating AI systems like ChatGPT by allowing users to pose questions and get immediate responses from AI chatbots.

Poe, which stands for "Platform for Open Exploration," is "intended to be a platform where individuals can easily connect with a lot of different AI agents," a Quora spokesman told TechCrunch in a text message. Currently, the app is invite-only and accessible exclusively on iOS.

The spokesman said, "Over the last 12 years of developing and maintaining Quora, we have gained invaluable experience in consumer internet product development. Our findings apply to the emerging field of human-machine language interfaces."

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Poe’s Relation With ChatGPT

So, Poe isn't an effort to create an AI model on par with ChatGPT. ChatGPT, which can answer inquiries on anything from poetry to programming, has been the center of controversy due to its capacity to provide plausible responses that are only sometimes genuine. After users complained that ChatGPT made it too simple to produce replies and overwhelm the site with questionable answers, Q&A coding site Stack Overflow briefly barred users from posting material generated by the AI earlier this month.

Generative art systems like Stable Diffusion and DALL-E 2, as well as code-generating systems like GitHub's Copilot, have been the target of protests from those who feel their work is being stolen and used for financial advantage. Quora may have gotten into trouble if, for example, the company used its massive database of user-submitted questions and answers to train a chatbot. Users may have objected to how their material was utilized, especially because certain AI systems have been proven to repeat information from their training sets (e.g., code).

In particular, a class action complaint has been filed against Microsoft, GitHub, and OpenAI for allegedly breaking copyright rules by enabling Copilot to reuse chunks of licensed code without giving proper attribution. After the online art community ArtStation started accepting AI-generated artwork this year, its users posted "No AI Art" pictures in their profiles as a gesture of protest.

Poe initially makes available several different AI models that can generate text, including ChatGPT. (Currently, OpenAI does not provide a public API for ChatGPT; a spokesman for Quora declined to comment on whether the company has partnered with OpenAI to provide Poe or any other early access.) Like a texting app, Poe allows users to converse with AI models. Poe offers a wide variety of discussion starters and uses cases inside the chat interface, including "writing assistance," "cooking," "issue resolution," and "nature."

How Does Poe Work?

Currently, Poe only has a small selection of models. Still, shortly, Quora aims to include the ability for model providers (such as businesses) to submit their models for inclusion.

This will be an enjoyable approach for individuals to experiment with various linguistic frameworks. According to the spokesman, "Poe is built to be the greatest method to obtain an immediate response to any query utilizing natural language." The usefulness of these models is being developed via extensive research and development, but strong, straightforward interfaces are needed to bring them to the masses. To ensure that as much of the globe as possible benefits from all of this progress in the years to come, we aim to be able to offer that interface.

It's well knowledge that AI chatbots like ChatGPT may produce harmful material like racism and sexism as well as dangerous code. Instead of taking action themselves, Quora is putting faith in the model suppliers in Poe to police the site for inappropriate questions and answers.

A representative for one of the model suppliers stated, "The model providers have put in a lot of work to prevent the bots from giving dangerous replies."

The spokesman made it clear that at this time, and maybe in the future, Poe does not function as part of Quora. Like Google's AI Test Kitchen, Quora considers this an autonomous initiative that will undergo constant iteration and improvement.

The spokeswoman for Poe hedged when questioned about the company's commercial goals, claiming that it is still early days. With Quora's current business model based on paywalls and advertising, it's not hard to imagine that paid features will be added to Poe as it expands.

Quora, meanwhile, insists that it is now preoccupied with scalability challenges, beta tester input, and fixing existing problems.

The spokesman said, "The entire area is growing quickly today, and we're more concerned about seeing what issues we can address for people with Poe."


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