Spotify Purchased Joe Rogan's Program For $200 Million

Published on 20 Feb 2022


According to a New York Times article, according to the claim, Joe Rogan was allegedly paid at least $200 million by Spotify to commit to solely podcasting on the platform for three and a half years. Even while it seems to be an extravagant sum, it is more than twice the amount earlier notified in The Wall Street Journal as Rogan's acquisition price — $100 million — and has been widely published in the media without any clarification from the Spotify team.

Following a turbulent month for the audio firm, in which artists, podcasters, workers, and medical community members questioned the company's collaboration with the controversial podcaster, this announcement comes as a welcome relief. In January, a group of medical community members sent a letter to the business requesting that it delete a Rogan episode that they said spread false information about COVID-19. Neil Young, a musician, received the message and, in consequence, removed his discography from the streaming portal.

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Rogan’s Take 

In his letter, he said that "Spotify is propagating false information regarding vaccinations, which has the potential to cause death to individuals who accept the misinformation being promoted by them." I'd appreciate it if you could take action on this promptly and keep me updated on the timetable."

As a result, CEO Daniel Ek has made many public remarks regarding his unwillingness to control Rogan's show beyond the limits of the platform's guidelines, which were only made public after Young and others had their songs removed from the service.

But after that, Rogan's program became a source of controversy for reasons unrelated to COVID-19. Additionally, Rogan is recorded uttering the n-word on many occasions in a different viral video clip. Following the video's release, 70 programs were inexplicably taken off the air without any explanation. Spotify did not respond to Rogan's subsequent apology for using the slur and making a racist joke, but the company did not react publicly.

The Controversy 

However, according to a leaked document, Ek said that the business did speak with Rogan and his staff and ultimately opted to delete the episodes. Ek also said that the firm would commit $100 million to artists that have traditionally been disadvantaged. However, as Verge contributing editor Casey Newton points out on Twitter, that sum seemed to be identical to the amount Spotify paid Rogan at the time — but it now appears to be less than half that amount.


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