Storage Expansion with PlayStation 5 Update

Published on 18 Apr 2021

The first major update was recently released for Playstation 5. The update expands the console's storage capabilities and introduces new social features. The social features will also be added to the PS4.

Storge expansion

The new update allows users to transfer PS5 games from internal storage to external storage via USD. This will allow users to easily and significantly expand the console's storage capacity. The update will not allow users to run games directly from the external drive, the PS5 can still only run games from its internal SSD storage. However, instead of redownloading games or copying them from discs, players can move games they done use often to their external hard drives and simply copy them back when needed. Copying is much faster as compared to redownload.

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Social features

Called Share Play the new features works across console generations 4 and 5. The new features will be available on both PS4 and 5. It will allow users who are on the older generation console to interact with those on the PS5 as well as experience PS5 games. PS5 users can share their game screen with PS4 users. They can pass virtual controllers to a friend on either the PS5 or PS4 controller and vice versa. For co-op games, users can pass a second virtual controller to their friends and play together.

Improved rumble for the DualSense controller

Though the company did not include patch notes about this feature, users have reported that the PS5 update also improved the rumble on DualSense controllers when playing PS4 games. Earlier users had reported that when playing PS4 games on the PS5 console the DualSense controller's rumble was very weak as compared to when the controller was used for the same games with the PS4 console. The new update has resolved that issue via backward compatibility.

Best selling console in US history

The PS5 recently hit a significant milestone in the US. The PS5 is now the fastest-selling gaming console in US history. Launched in the US last year, the console has the highest number of units sold as well as dollar sales. Sony's DualSense controller for the PS5 was the highest-selling accessory for Q1 of 2021[1].

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Feature image: Sony