The Secretary of Commerce of US Witnesses CNY's Technology

Published on 20 Mar 2022

WSYR-TV reported that Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced on Friday that he has invited U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo and Commerce Deputy Secretary Don Graves to visit Central New York and see the potential of their area in emerging technology businesses. 

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Locations For Sen. Schumer 

CenterState CEO was named to the shortlist for the $100 million rewards from the Build Back Better challenge competition after Sen. Schumer won a seat on the list via his efforts.

Among the locations, Raimondo and Graves will visit are White Pine Commerce Park and the Marcy Nanocenter, where they will be able to demonstrate "how uniquely suited CenterState CEO's Smart Systems Cluster proposal is to receive additional federal investment and drive not only the Upstate economy into the future but the entire nation." According to Sen. Schumer, these places have access to inexpensive, dependable water and electricity, as well as being in the core of the key infrastructure, among other things. Sen. Schumer also mentions the significant concentration of higher education institutions in our region, which results in a more well-skilled workforce.

Sen. John Mannion Discusses The State Address In 2022

In this video, Sen. John Mannion discusses the State of the State Address in 2022.

Central States CEO will get financing from the country's Build Back Better regional challenge, which will offer $1 billion via the America Rescue Plan, which Senator Schumer was instrumental in drafting and enacting. During the challenge's first phase, the EDA will offer $500,000 in technical support to selected grantees; during the second phase, 20-30 regional coalitions will be granted $25 million to $100 million in funding for specific projects.

Sen. Schumer extended the invitation to the secretaries in a letter that may be seen in its entirety on his website.


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