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Published on 26 Nov 2022

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According to sources, TikTok founder ByteDance is preparing to launch its streaming music service TikTok Music, which will compete with Spotify and YouTube Music. In addition to previous revelations of TikTok Music trademarks in worldwide markets, TechCrunch has recently identified references to a "TikTok Music" service in the Resso streaming app, which ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, owns. The code seems to imply that user activity may be synchronised between the Resso app & TikTok Music and a "music.tiktok.com" URL.

ByteDance now provides the Resso music streaming service in India, Brazil, & Indonesia, among others. However, allusions to TikTok Music in the Resso app suggest that the Chinese corporation may synchronise user behaviour across the two applications. Additionally, the code mentions TikTok Music as a component of TikTok.

Whether TikTok would explore its music service internationally under the Resso brand or build a new app is still being determined.

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The Initial Plans For TikTok Music

The corporation has also built the website "music.tiktok.com" for select locations; references to these regions were also discovered in the code, indicating that the service may debut first in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Malaysia, plus Singapore. You cannot yet download the client, and if you click the download button, a message will appear stating, "We are working diligently to offer you the desktop version. Visit again shortly."

The mobile version of the website implies that the download button will direct consumers to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

We discovered that the site's terms of service also reference the trademark "TikTok Music."

"Welcome to the TikTok Music website! TikTok Music, one of our Services outlined in the TikTok Terms, is a music streaming service that enables users to listen to Music, according to the page defining the service. Many of the site's pages have language stating that it is currently under construction. This may indicate that ByteDance is prepared to begin testing the service in certain regions.

The code references are just one indication of a forthcoming TikTok Music brand.

Additionally, the firm has recently established verified "TikTok Music"-branded social media accounts on Twitter & Instagram, adding to region-specific handles for regions such as Latin America, Australia and New Zealand, and Asia, as well as nations such as Singapore and Malaysia. Between April and May, these accounts tweeted similar imaginative teasers, including "Welcome to a new way to hear music," "find your new favourite song," and "keep tuned."

This is consistent with a former ByteDance employee's disclosure to TechCrunch this year. ByteDance reportedly explored expanding the Resso service to further markets under the "TikTok Music" name. Specifically, according to the source, it was considering launches in developed countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia. The Wall Street Journal also announced last month that ByteDance was discussing with prominent music companies to extend its streaming service to international markets.

Future Revenue Plans With TikTok Music

ByteDance would benefit from a TikTok Music service, given that many successful songs go viral on TikTok and then drive streams on Spotify & YouTube. According to a survey published by the firm in 2016, 175 songs that gained traction on the short-video service made it to the Billboard 100 list.

If ByteDance builds its music service, it might direct these streams to its app, whether Resso or TikTok Music, generating advertising and subscription money.

ByteDance has shown a desire to expand its music investments. It debuted its SoundOn music distribution system earlier this year. With this service, the corporation pays artists 100% of the royalties for the first year and 90% for the second year. The site also lets musicians post teasers on TikTok to get quick feedback.

TikTok Music's growth will rely on its ability to strike partnerships with big record companies, enabling it to provide users with access to popular Music alongside the exclusive songs it releases first.


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