Verizon Sells Xbox Consoles

Published on 28 Jul 2022

Verizon, Xbox Consoles

Did you know Verizon offers video gaming consoles? Verizon has previously stocked the PlayStation 5 on its online store, and today it announced a partnership with Microsoft that would permit it to offer the Xbox Series X and Series S through All Access. Verizon will offer the Xbox Series X and Series S through its All Access monthly financing program.

Both will be available on July 28. Verizon is giving discounts such as fifty percent off an Xbox Elite 2 controller to sweeten the odd concept of purchasing an Xbox membership via a phone carrier.

Nothing about this is new to Verizon. Fios and 5G Home, the business's home internet services, are ideal for multiplayer gaming, the company claims if you will be playing mostly from your sofa. And if you want to use Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on your smartphone or tablet, Verizon would gladly sell you its 5G mobile broadband plans and tout their reduced latency and quicker speeds. Additionally, Verizon offers several accessories, including gamepads (including those that attach to your phone).

It is a sensible move, but Verizon's press release goes a bit too far in stating that "today's report that we're merging forces with Microsoft builds on Verizon's commitment of 5G growth and invention across numerous platforms, including mobility, nationwide broadband, and the most popular consumer offerings."

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When & Where Will It Be Available?

On July 28, Xbox Series X / S consoles will be sold online and in "certain" Verizon retail stores. Nothing is unique here, and All Access is not connected with your regular Verizon subscription. Like many other stores that offer Xbox All Access, Verizon uses Affirm to process the monthly payments, which begin at $24.99 for 24 months. Perhaps this is a good thing, given that carriers continue to find methods to boost these costs.


Featured image: Verizon


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