Walmart Plus Offers Free Content

Published on 08 Aug 2022

Walmart, Free Content

Walmart has researched the realm of streaming services and ultimately decided to join with Paramount Plus to include it into its subscription service, which is known as Walmart Plus. The firm hopes that all of those positive indications will enable it to compete with Amazon, its most significant adversary in the market for businesses that "send everything under the sun straight to a customer's house."

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Walmart’s Partnership With Paramount

Last week, it was revealed by The New York Times that Walmart was reportedly considering forming partnerships with Paramount, Comcast, and Disney. This sparked initial rumours around the possibility of a combination between the three companies and Walmart. The Wall Street Journal posted a report stating that a contract between Walmart and Paramount had been inked. This was pursued not long after by a press release from Walmart confirming the announcement and saying that subscribers to Walmart Plus will be receiving the "Essential" tier of Paramount Plus for free. This press release was issued not long after the previous one.

When it is released on streaming services later this year, the movie Top Gun: Maverick, now the sixth most earning film of all time, will be available exclusively via Paramount Plus. This will result in advertisements being shown, but it will also result in an additional value of $4.99 per month added to Walmart Plus, which now costs $12.95 a month. Although Paramount Plus is not quite in the same league as Disney or Netflix, the streaming service, previously known as CBS All Access, has built up a decent number of hits, including Halo, The Good Fight, Evil, a whole mess of Star Trek shows, and shows from the growing Yellowstone cinematic universe (Yellowstone itself is exclusive to Peacock).

Walmart Plus Streaming Library

The content collection for the service seems to be in good shape. At the beginning of this year, they said they had more than 200 million Amazon Prime users consuming content. In comparison, Netflix claims to have 220 million subscribers, while Disney claims to have 221 million subscribers. On the other hand, Paramount has more than 56 million paying customers. The partnership with Walmart could help both businesses compete more effectively with Amazon, the largest shipper of goods in the United States and theoretically one of the top streamers in the world. Walmart has not stated the number of customers it has for Walmart Plus; however, at least one estimate has that number at an embarrassingly low 32 million users who pay for extra amenities such as direct-to-fridge food delivery service or priority access to PS5s.

If it wants to compete with Amazon, it will need quite a few more of them. A business that provides cheaper gas and the Yellowstone spinoff 1883 may have some degree of synergy with one another.


Featured image: Walmart Plus


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