Xbox App To Provide PC Compatibility Info

Published on 13 Jun 2022

Xbox App, PC Compatibility Info

Microsoft is introducing a new game performance indicator to its Xbox app for Windows, which will tell you if a game will run smoothly on your PC before you download it. While system requirements have always been mentioned, this label makes it much simpler to determine at a glance if a game is compatible with your PC.

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What Is The Game Performance Fit Indicator?

The Xbox app assesses a game's performance on PCs with comparable specifications to yours and predicts how well the game will run on your system. Microsoft's senior product manager lead on Xbox experiences, Tila Nguyen, adds, "If your PC isn't up to the challenge of running a visually intensive game, you'll be able to see the game's system requirements for further information on what you need to run the game."

Benefits of Microsoft's Rating System

Microsoft's rating system — or Game Performance Fit Indicator, as Microsoft puts it — seems to be a simpler alternative to utilizing third-party programs and websites such as Can You Run It to assess whether your PC is capable of running games. However, not every game will instantly have a performance indication. "As we continue to learn about the performance of a game on comparable PCs, you may not see a performance check for every game (particularly newly added titles) until we have sufficient data to provide a suggestion," Nguyen explains.

In addition to the performance meter, the Xbox app's navigation and search functionality have been enhanced. All navigation is now located on the sidebar, and game installations are now displayed and trackable in a new queue in the app's bottom-left corner. Search is now more precise in locating games, including those from EA Play and Ubisoft Connect.

How To Get Started? 

Microsoft has tested these new enhancements over the last six months. Download the Xbox Insider software and choose to participate in the Windows gaming preview if you want to try future upgrades.


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