3 benefits of Citrix ADC with flexible licensing

Published on 06 Feb 2021

3 benefits of Citrix ADC with flexible licensing

Even before the pandemic remote working was on the rise. In fact, since 2005 the percentage of people working regularly from home has increased by 173%[1]. The pandemic compelled many organizations to switch to remote working regardless of their opinion on remote working before. During this time companies have come to realize that remote working can be effective. Many have found that remote working has resulted in higher productivity and an increase in job satisfaction.

Working from home allows employees to save time that would have been spent on long commutes. They can sleep in longer which means they are better rested. They have the ability to work from any space that they find comfortable. As the world gradually moves towards recovery from Covid-19, a lot of organizations are choosing to continue with remote working even as work from home restrictions are eased.

Some companies are choosing to go as far as getting rid of their physical office spaces completely. This will allow them to save significant costs associated with rent, utilities and maintenance.

Virtualization will be instrumental for effective remote working

Virtualization or desktops and apps in the cloud will allow organizations to create effective remote working infrastructure that is not tied to or limited by a physical space. Employees will be able to work safely and securely regardless of their geographical locations.

Not all jobs or industries will be able to embrace 100% remote working. However, remote working is here to stay and organizations have recognized that they will need to have a hybrid workforce with increased flexibility to remain competitive in the job market.

This is where companies like Citrix come in. Citrix is a SaaS company that provides server, application and desktop virtualization, networking and cloud computing technologies. As organizations make the move to cloud Citrix’s application delivery controller can help them stay streamlined and organized.

What is Citrix ADC pooled capacity?

The Citrix application delivery controller (ADC) is a shared licensing framework that allows companies to easily move capacity where it is needed. As licenses are no longer tied to a physical or virtual system, Citrix ADC makes it possible for employees to checkout licenses and bandwidth from a shared pool. Download this whitepaper to understand how Citrix ADC can provide you with more flexibility, better economics and simplicity.

Moving your organization to the cloud can seem daunting and overwhelming. The solutions provided by Citrix can help organizations make the switch with confidence.

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