5 ways Citrix Workspace empowers remote workers

Published on 06 Sep 2021

Whitepaper - Citrix | 5 ways Workspace empowers remote workers

According to Gallup, as of May 2021, seven out of ten US white collar workers are still working from home. Four out of 10 white collar workers prefer working from home[1]. It has become clear that remote working in some form is here to stay. This raises an important question for organizations.

How well are you supporting your remote employees?

As new remote and hybrid work models become commonplace, it is no longer enough for organizations to just provide workers with collaboration apps. IT teams need to provide employees with an integrated platform that will allow them to find the information they need and perform crucial tasks. Providing adequate support to remote workers is no longer optional. Organizations need to make it possible for their workforce to do their jobs from any location, over any network or with the use of any device. While maintaining the level of security that they would have gotten when working from the office.

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In their effort to make remote work possible, often organizations introduce a high degree of complexity. For instance, on average, employees have to use around 36 cloud services. When employees have to constantly shift between these services their productivity decreases. The use of too many systems, apps and vendors by employees can increase the risk of:

  • Spending too much time on IT support
  • Lack of visibility into the environment
  • Loss of data and security breaches
  • Increase in complexity of IT systems
  • Reducing productivity
  • Hindering employee’s ability to deliver prompt service
  • Loss of revenue

Instead of disparate collaboration tools, organizations need to provide their workforce with a single unified platform that can meet all of their needs. The right tools are essential in order to empower remote employees. Organizations need to invest in solutions that provide employees with secure, on-demand access to business data, files, apps, and critical resources. Once such solution is Citrix Workspace. It is a platform that allows employees to access data and apps from any device or location via a single sign on. This allows employees to be more organized and efficient. By using Citrix Workspace employees do not have to spend productive time looking for information. They can use this time to collaborate on high-value projects. IT teams will have more visibility and control on the environment as a single solution is being used. This simplifies management, improves security and compliance.

5 ways in which Citrix workspace helps remote employees:

  1. A single, central workspace
  2. AI and machine learning
  3. Easy application integration
  4. Guide work with microapps
  5. Security

Download this whitepaper to learn more about how Citrix provides these benefits to remote employees. As the landscape of work is changing, the tools we use need to change as well.

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