6 ways Citrix Workspace delivers better experience to employees

Published on 04 Sep 2021

White paper - Citrix | Single sign-on the way it should be

With more people than ever working remotely, delivering a secure and positive experience to employees is critical for organizations. Businesses today use a variety of SaaS applications and it can be difficult for IT teams to manage access to these apps for a remote workforce. It can be tedious for employees to use multiple credentials in order to access different apps. Not only is this a poor user experience, but it can also reduce productivity and increase security risks. IT teams also need to keep track of multiple credentials for every single user making the entire process very complex.

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Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions and their limitations

Single sign-on solutions have been around for a while. In theory, they are meant to make it easy for employees to access all the applications they need. However, often these solutions are limited and only work with certain types or sub-sets of applications. Thus organizations end up using multiple access solutions from different vendors. This ends up defeating the purpose for which an SSO was required. This is where Citrix Workspace can be of great help.

Citrix Workspace helps businesses unify all applications and data from a distributed IT architecture and provides a single sign-on solution to all applications and data that employees need in order to be productive. Citrix Workspace works with your business’s existing infrastructure and consolidates multiple remote access solutions like VPNs and SSOs.

6 benefits of Citrix Workspace SSO Solution

  1. Secure access to corporate resources without the need for a VPN
  2. Granular controls for the web and SaaS applications
  3. Control over your user identity
  4. More security than just user names and passwords
  5. Integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure
  6. End-to-end visibility helps resolve issues more quickly

Download this whitepaper by Citrix to learn more about these 6 benefits.

What is Citrix Workspace?

Workspace is a digital workspace software that has been developed by Citrix Systems. Introduced in 2018, Workspace is Citrix’s flagship product. Workspace allows users to access various applications, resources, and data through a web browser or central application. It helps create a digital office that provides a fast, secure, consistent and reliable experience to employees.

By using Workspace, businesses can empower employees to work from wherever they are and get work done however they want. The solution allows for a true single sign-on experience, simplifies IT management, and delivers better security.


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