A Post-Pandemic Threat Landscape Report

Published on 02 Aug 2021

White paper - A Post-Pandemic Threat Landscape Report

This report was commissioned by Telia Carrier. The findings are based on an online survey of 418 business leaders in the US, the UK, Germany and France. The survey was conducted in the first quarter of 2021. All the survey participants play a key role in their company’s network security and development strategy. 56% of the respondents have the final say with regards to network security at their companies. They work at companies that employ more than 400 people. Respondents were from a variety of industries:

  • IT Services (119)
  • Banking (79)
  • Manufacturing and engineering (70)
  • Finance/financial services (52)

This report provides insights into current corporate security concerns among business leaders.

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Mentioned below are some of the survey’s findings

1. Security Threats

Survey participants were asked where the see the biggest security threats. The answers could be divided into four main categories: systems and applications; network; staff; and premises. Business leaders believe that the biggest overall threat to their security is to the network alongside systems and applications. Network security is the biggest concern within the IT services industry. This could be because leaders in the IT services industry are more aware of network security threats.

With regards to network security, business leaders are most worried about Logical Network Security (43%) and then Physical network security (PNS).

2. Security Costs

Network security is the biggest cost burden according to business leaders across all markets. Overall 42% of business leaders cite network security as their biggest cost burden, this number is highest in France at 49%. In terms of expenditure, servers, hardware, applications, end-user devices and access, and physical assets fall much lower as compared to network security.

3. Network security incidents

Survey participants were asked how many network security incidents, that had a noticeable impact on day-to-day business did their organizations have to contend with over the past year. 78% of respondents said that they had to deal with over 100 such incidents in the past 12 months. Phishing was identified as the main cyber thread by 56% of the respondents, followed by DDoS attacks (49%).

More than half of the survey respondents said that they saw an increase in security incidents due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Financial and IT services seem to have been the most impacted by the pandemic with regard to network security. Businesses need to take a number of key issues into consideration when investing in network security.

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