Bringing AI to wireless networking

Published on 07 Jul 2020

New technologies have always made way for completely new eras of progressive change across all aspects of life and managed to revolutionize many industries. Now it is being said that Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is already the next big “game changing” technology to revolutionize not just industries but all aspect of our lives in the coming years. AI has managed to prove its worth already in the world of wireless networking. WLAN uses machine learning capabilities as well as neural networking to help simplify operations, quicken the troubleshooting process, and also provide visibility into the user experience like never before. AI also promises a true virtual wireless assistant which could come up soon and it would be able to identify and fix problems proactively. It will also help predict future events both quickly and reliably.

Why is AI gaining popularity now?

AI has been studied by researchers for many years, but it has only recently managed to gain a foothold in practical applications. This is thanks to many advancements in computing power, big data, as well as open source technologies.

Why should companies embrace AI in their wireless strategy?

Wireless networking has reached a point where the olden ways of deployment, operation and management will soon stop being sufficient for WiFi networks. AI has become a necessity in wireless networking because of some fundamental market transitions. The first is that WiFi is becoming the most widely used means of accessing the internet. This means the connectivity has to be more reliable and measurable. But at the same time, it is becoming more and more difficult to troubleshoot wireless because of the sheer number of users and the large variety of platforms and devices WiFi is being used on. To transition, WiFi networks need better visibility into the user experience, which means the requirement for new automated management tools gets created. Mobile users are also now getting used to different personalized wireless services on all of their their mobile devices. These leverage contextual information such as location, which companies see as an important way of bringing value to their business operations by improving customer, employee or guest engagement. It also helps generate more insights into mobile user behavior. To know more, download the whitepaper.

Key Takeaways:

AI is the next big thing when it comes to life-changing developments in everyday life and technology across all industries

The importance of AI has become apparent in improving wireless networking technology to make operations smoother and troubleshooting easier

AI in mobile networking will pave way for new means of problem solving and understanding consumer behavior in wireless technology


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