Built for a Changing World

Published on 22 Aug 2022

Changing World

Workday was created to free IT teams, from rigid old business solutions by assisting them in achieving better efficiency without the need to launch new projects only to keep things moving day to day. In conjunction with Workday Extend and Workday Integration Cloud, enterprise frameworks are critical to reaching that aim, allowing business users to stay nimble with a low-code approach to managing changes.

Businesses have needed agility to become more resilient via business process automation and cloud computing during the last two decades and to respond to unanticipated developments. Not only were corporations confronted with the usual marketplace obstacles of mergers and acquisitions and intense competition, but extraordinary global health crises and social and political movements rendered even the most meticulous company strategies obsolete.

Many corporate planning and management systems include business process automation as an add-on to the primary platform. Workday is one of the few companies that has integrated frameworks into its core that are intended to enable business users in HR, finance, planning, and other functions inside a company.

Automation has been democratized for corporate users.

Workday enables IT departments to focus on the most strategic tasks by providing configurable automation to their business users by

  • delivering a configurable business process framework and over 650 preconfigured processes from the start 
  • automating mass or bulk actions to handle tens of thousands of tasks at once 
  • managing change requests through automation while allowing for auditable reporting of everything that is changed

At the heart of it, all is the Business Process Framework.


Our Business Process Framework (BPF) is incorporated into the Workday enterprise management cloud's architecture to complete end-to-end procedures and perform daily chores. Consider our BPF to be a strong "if this, then that" engine inside the larger Workday environment, triggered by events within your company, and where you set the rules and logic based on what's best for your business. You may also quickly and dynamically update the business rules and task kickoffs as your organization develops and expands.

Consider the following scenario of onboarding a new employee: When a candidate accepts an offer, a variety of actions must be initiated, many of which must be completed concurrently to guarantee a seamless transition in the first days at work. With the Business Process Framework, every necessary task, from issuing a badge to ordering equipment, assigning a workspace, filing forms with HR and legal departments, and finally provisioning the new employee's identity (and security rules around that identity) on all necessary systems, can be automated seamlessly.

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