Business Agility with Nutanix Hybrid and Multicloud Solutions

Published on 19 May 2022

Business Agility, Nutanix Hybrid, Multicloud Solutions

Operating a hybrid cloud presents your firm with a number of time- and cost-intensive challenges:

  • Multiple management tools. Complex hybrid cloud management creates siloed and ineffective IT teams.
  • Absence of visibility The inability to evaluate performance and costs across settings leads to wasteful resource allocation.
  • Software incompatibility. The inability to install apps in the cloud of your choosing without difficulty decreases the efficiency of your organization.
  • Manual procedures. Lack of automation wastes IT personnel's time that might be better spent on other activities.
  • Comprehensive security. Ineffective security monitoring and repair increase the likelihood of human mistakes, the attack surface, and vulnerability.
  • Inadequate cost governance. In hybrid and multi-cloud systems, cost governance is hard; many teams still use error-prone, time-consuming spreadsheets to manage resources.

Nutanix has enhanced its market-leading HCI technology to solve these restrictions, allowing the creation of a hybrid or multi-cloud environment that spans both on-premises data centres and public clouds. With Nutanix, you can accomplish all the anticipated advantages of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments:

  • Adaptability and dexterity Gain instant access to resources to support new apps, and new development/testing initiatives, and to rapidly adapt to changing infrastructure requirements. Transfer workloads between on-premises and cloud sites without requiring refactoring.
  • Flexibility. Respond elastically to resource demand variations. Consume and release infrastructure in the public cloud on demand.
  • Auto Service. Users may access IT infrastructure and services through a self-service portal, eliminating the need for your staff to act as an intermediary.
  • Cost control. Gain insight into both private and public cloud expenses, optimize costs across the board and make more intelligent migration choices.
  • Faster time to market. Remove the obstacles that slow down your company and development teams.

This tutorial discusses some of the most important Nutanix features for establishing hybrid or multi-cloud setups.

Platform Unified for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments

Because management systems are often distinct for each cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud settings face the basic difficulty of increasing complexity. Keeping up with the capabilities and best practices of a single cloud platform is difficult enough; adding two, three, or four platforms makes it hard for a single individual to be productive across the board environment. Consequently, the majority of organizations have distinct teams for each cloud, siloing management and causing bottlenecks.

Despite the fact that operational silos may seem to be a requirement, they are the greatest obstacle to hybrid and multi-cloud success. Cooperation is challenging without interoperability or integration across clouds, and agility is diminished.

Nutanix overcomes these obstacles by developing a hybrid and multi-cloud platform with a unified control plane that spans all cloud environments. Using the same tools, you can monitor and manage both private and public clouds, as well as expand operations, burst to numerous clouds, and migrate apps with ease.

Hybrid and multi-cloud solutions based on Nutanix Clusters allow you to expand an on-premises Nutanix infrastructure to cover the public cloud. Using Nutanix for private cloud and public cloud deployments leads to a flexible, simple, and cost-effective environment for managing applications more efficiently anywhere.

Nutanix Cluster is a solution that extends our established IT infrastructure to the public cloud easily, giving substantial advantages over competing approaches:

  • Rapid Provisioning in the Cloud. In less than an hour, a new cluster may be created on a public cloud.
  • Operational Efficiency. A single management plan covers private and public cloud systems. Utilize the same set of equipment everywhere and prevent retraining.
  • Seamless Mobility for Applications. Transferring apps across environments without code modifications or re-platforming.
  • Cost Optimisation. Run the same Nutanix infrastructure across all supported clouds with the same licensing, maximizing your IT investment. Automated cost governance gives you control over hybrid cloud spending.

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