Buyers Guide to Endpoint Security

Published on 03 Mar 2022

Whitepaper | Buyers guide to endpoint protection

Endpoint security is a critical component of an effective cybersecurity strategy. However, finding the best solution for endpoint security is can be difficult. There are a lot of options available in other market. These solutions have features that sound similar, but could be vastly different. This makes it very difficult for those responsible for this decision very difficult.  

CrowdStrike believes that a good endpoint security solution should offer organizations simplicity and the highest level of security. Complexity in security solutions leads to additional strain on teams and processes. It can lead to additional security gaps and increase risk. In order to deliver both security and simplicity, a security solution should meet five essential criteria. The solution should also be built and delivered via cloud native architecture.

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5 Essential Criteria for an Endpoint Protection Platform:

  1. Prevention: Prevent as many malicious elements from breaching the organization's network as possible
  2. Detection: Identify and remove threats
  3. Managed threat hunting: Proactively hunt for threats and elevate detection beyond automation
  4. Threat intelligence: Data  and analytics should be adequate enough to understand and stay ahead of attackers
  5. Vulnerability management and IT hygiene: This helps strengthen the environment against vulnerabilities

All of the elements mentioned above should be integrated with and delivered through cloud-native architecture. This will make operations more simple, and provide optimal speed and flexibility. Speed and flexibility are necessary to effectively respond to modern attacks. How does one evaluate these elements? How can an organization recognize the right solution for its needs? Step one is to ask the correct questions. 

About CrowdStrike Falcon

CrowdStrike provides its own endpoint protection platform called CrowdStrike Falcon. It has a new generation of prevention features. These features can defeat the sophisticated tools and techniques that are being used by modern attackers. This can help fill the gap left by signature-based antivirus solutions. The CrowdStrike Falcom platform makes use of powerful methods to provide prevention against the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) that are being used by modern attackers. 

The Falcon platform combines an array of powerful methods to provide prevention against the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) that make modern attacks successful. The combination of these methods make it possible for Falcom to protect against known malware as well as zero-day vulnerabilities. The platform uses the most appropriate method as required to block threats and attracts across the entire attack surface.  

Breaches today can no longer be reliably prevented by monitoring and scanning files and looking for known bads, instead continuous monitoring and a managed threat response is necessary. Download this guide by CrowdStirke. It is designed to help security professionals and organizations define the key elements of endpoint security. 

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