Citrix Workspace - Everything you need in one unified solution

Published on 05 Sep 2021

White paper | Citrix Workspace - Everything you need in one unified solution

Citrix is a workspace software that is able to meet all of the IT requirements of a modern business. Conventionally, IT departments and organizations have come to rely on multiple vendors to get the technology and solutions they need. This can quickly become unwieldy and difficult to manage. Having piecemeal vendors that help satisfy only requirements delivers a poor user experience for employees and can also reduce productivity.


Workspace by Citrix solves this issue. It is a single unified solution that organizes, guides, and automates workflows. Described below are some of the key benefits of Citrix Workspace:

1. Secure Access:

A digital workspace can only be effective if the people who need to use can access it securely and easily. There are some single sing-on solutions available, but most products only focus on identity and access management or have limited access management features. Citrix Workspace allows users to access virtual apps, SaaS apps, mobile apps, and enterprise web applications from anywhere. It provides features that provide both protection and improve productivity. It allows IT teams to protect sensitive data by blocking access to data by unsanctioned SaaS apps over the internet. This data can also be protected from specific actions like copy, paste, download, or print.

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When so many people suddenly had to work from home, organizations had to quickly come up with a way to allow people to access apps and data from their homes. Many turned to VPNs as a solution. However, VPNs were a short-term fix and their use created new challenges: poor user experience, lack of scalability, and security risks. Traditional VPNs utilize a castle and moat approach to security instead of the more modern and effective zero-trust framework approach. In the zero trust framework, access is granted to specific resources based on the user's identity, time, and device posture. This is the approach that Citrix Workspace implements. It allows users to securely access the resources they need with a single sign-on or set of credentials.

2. Frictionless Work:

Employees need to be able to collaborate and connect with each other in order to do their work smoothly. Organizations have recognized the power of technologies like AI, machine learning, and automation and how they can help streamline workflows and increase productivity. However, without a unified workspace, employees have to login and logout from multiple apps and different screens. It can also be challenging to figure out how to share content with colleagues when on mobile or working remotely. These are the challenges that Citrix Workspace addresses. A feature called Citrix Files makes it possible to easily share files with colleagues and collaborate. There are a lot of other features that come with Citrix workspace that helps reduce friction and distraction at work.

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