CyberResilience: LTIMindtree's Advanced Cyber Defense Solutions

Published on 13 Feb 2024


As cyber threats evolve, LTIMindtree emphasizes moving beyond conventional security measures to achieve "Security for Cyber Defense Resiliency." Their Managed Cyber Defense Resiliency Services (MCDR) approach integrates technology-enabled progression and real-time adversary emulation, ensuring a robust defense against advanced cyber threats. 

Organizations must shift from compliance-focused security to proactive Cyber Defense Resiliency. LTIMindtree's approach, recognized in ISG Provider Lens and Everest Group assessments, offers a Predictive-First Cyber Defense Framework, with 220+ active clients benefiting from Cyber Cloud, Analytics, and AI-First experiences.

Global Network of Cyber Defense Resiliency Centers

LTIMindtree operates through a Global Network of Cyber Defense Resiliency Centers (CDRC), providing purpose-built, customizable services around the clock. Their COE-Driven Approach encompasses Security Orchestration, Threat Hunting, and Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Proactive Cyber Defense Resiliency Services

The Active Cyber Defense Resiliency approach identifies, detects, protects, investigates, hunts, responds to, and remediates cyber threats. LTIMindtree offers Everything-as-a-Service, partnering with 25+ best-of-breed product alliances and delivering Multi-tenanted Cyber Defense solutions.


Dive deeper into LTIMindtree's CyberResilience. Download our comprehensive whitepaper for insights into Proactive Cyber Defense and Resiliency Strategies.


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