Definitive Guide to Veeam

Published on 17 Sep 2022

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In today's economy, data has become the most vital resource and the most precious money. The first step in efficiently managing and utilizing the value of your data is to safeguard it. In the middle of continuous Digital Transformation activities, well-managed and safeguarded data may give your business with the foundation required to accelerate innovation.

Modern businesses demand a Modern Data Protection system that not only supports the backup and recovery of key infrastructure, clouds, and applications, but also offers the lowest possible operational overhead by means of enhanced automation, monitoring, and orchestration. Veeam® recently conducted an impartial survey of approximately 3,400 IT professionals and decision makers to determine their business goals, which included the following:

  • Prevent Data Loss and Downtime 
  • Safeguard Against Ransomware and Cyber Threats 
  • Safeguard Your Entire Ecosystem Without Lock-In 
  • Support all workloads with a single effective solution

The times have changed, but for many businesses, their outdated backup solution has not. Outdated solutions may be a hindrance to progress because they are difficult to administer, prone to failure, and lack the speed, flexibility, and security necessary for essential company activities. This adds more expense, complexity, and stress to your already overworked crew.

You have the right to a Data Protection solution that can adapt and develop with your organization, meeting your current and future demands.

Control and own your Data. Any Cloud.

Data is distributed across various apps and multiple places in your growing ecosystem, including on-premises, public cloud, and hybrid environments. Who really owns it? Can you now access the data? When you need to manage your data the most, can you?

Modern Data Security

You can be certain that your data is secure and constantly accessible across on-premises, edge, and cloud settings.

  • Ransomware security

Secure Backup serves as your last layer of Defense.

  • Enhanced hybrid cloud performance

Own your Data. Any Cloud.

  • Modernization of backup and recovery procedures

Reduce costs and complexity, prevent infrastructure lock-in, and satisfy SLAs for disaster recovery.

With a single platform, Veeam enables you to secure, access, and manage your data regardless of location, cloud, or application with a custom-tailored solution. Veeam enables you to maintain control by safeguarding Cloud, Virtual, Physical, SaaS, and Kubernetes workloads interchangeably.

Why use Veeam?

Your unified platform for backup, recovery, and data management for Cloud, Virtual, Physical, SaaS, and Kubernetes. Designed to be simple and easy to use, adaptable enough to handle any platform, storage, or cloud environment, dependable for assured availability, and powerful enough to meet the most difficult problems and strictest SLAs.

The Veeam Platform is the most comprehensive data protection solution for on-premises and cloud-based data. This solution is intended to increase company agility by offering a single platform for extensive data protection and management that goes beyond typical backup and recovery.


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