Dista Sales: A Tool For More Efficient Sales

Published on 03 May 2023

Efficient Sales

Through a sales app called Dista Sales, which is easy to use, gamified, aware of location, and based on recommendations, sales companies can get a location-aware mobile workstation to help them do their daily tasks more efficiently and increase their overall output.

Smart system for distributing resources

Quickly give out leads based on skill sets, location, and the fastest ways.

Key features include automatic lead allocation, management of routes and skill sets, lead allocation based on closeness, lead allocation based on business rules, automatic lead allocation, human lead allocation, and capacity management.

Improving how well the field force works

You should get the most out of your sales tools to reach more places.

Optimal resource planning, clever system ideas, route optimization, and projected time of arrival data are all key features.

Insights in real time

Analysis should be done to take preventative steps and improve conversion rates.

Here are some of the most important parts: Live updates from field agents, real-time monitoring of teams, real-time updates on close leads, real-time updates on when field agents will arrive, and real-time reports of where field agents are.

Places of Work on Wheels

Designed with field sales leaders in mind, this is a complete mobile system for handling all activities and processes.

Key features include progress reports in real-time, an outline of the team for sales managers, the ability to assign and reassign leads manually, schedule and change appointments, lead lifecycle management, and the ability to set and reassign leads manually.

Route modification

Help your mobile workers find the fastest and most direct ways to get where they need to go and keep track of how they are doing.

The most important parts are notifying expected arrival times, live guidance, and dynamic routes.

Pattern detection

AI and ML can be used to find trends and improve business planning and customer processes.

Key dentures include contextual ML ideas, an AI recommendation engine, the ability to parse past data, and audit records.

Call logging and masking

Make sure that both the company and its users' information is safe.

Key features include ensuring security and privacy, making it easy to see and track communications, improving the user experience, keeping client data safe, protecting business phone numbers, and letting users know when they've missed a call.

You can get both reports and screens

Insights that are complete, specific, and relevant to help people make good business decisions.

Key features include adjustable reports, views of important information, service area analysis, drill-down reports, role-based dashboards, smart filters, and real-time live dashboards. Other important features are drill-down views, smart filters, and dynamic screens that work in real-time.

Lead area definition

Find your main focus area so you can have the most impact on your business.

Key parts include pincode mapping, automatic and human drawing to identify lead areas, business growth management, ideal resource planning, and congestion management.

Management by geo-hierarchy

Define the different jobs and tasks, then give the right people entry powers.

The security of private data, sending information to the right functions, access based on jobs, and defining the organizational structure are all important parts.

Apps for mobile phones get help and support.

Use Dista Sales as a tool for all of your sales managing tasks

Key features include recording customer mood, handling customer events, sharing media, getting real-time prompts, seeing the calendar, etc.


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