Empowering Sales Organizations with Location-Intelligent Mobile Workstations

Published on 08 May 2023

Mobile workstations

In the fast-paced and competitive business world of today, sales teams need new tools to make their daily tasks more efficient and get more done. Dista Sales saw this need and devised an innovative solution: the Location-Intelligent Mobile Workstation, driven by the easy-to-use and game-like Dista Sales App. This report is meant to show the most important parts of our solution and how it can change how sales work by using location intelligence and advanced suggestions.

The Engine for Smart Allocation 

A key part of sales management is dividing resources in the best way possible. Our place-Smart Mobile Workstation has a Smart Allocation Engine that gives sales reps jobs, leads, and territories based on things like how close they are to a place, how busy they are, and what skills they have. By making the best use of their resources, organizations can guarantee that their sales teams are working as well as they can, increasing productivity and making customers happier.

Access based on roles

Role-based access control is a feature of our system that helps keep data accurate and streamlines processes. Sales managers can give team members different access levels based on their jobs and responsibilities. This makes sure that only allowed people can see private information. This tool improves security and privacy, making it easier to work together while keeping data confidential.

Geo Hierarchy Management 

Sales groups often have complicated geographic structures, with areas, regions, and branches spread across different levels. Our system offers full Geo Hierarchy Management, which makes it easy for businesses to create and handle these structures. The actions of sales teams can be matched to specific areas. This lets them use focused marketing and regional sales tactics to get customers more involved.

Skill Set Management

For successful job delivery, knowing each sales representative's unique skills and powers is important. With Dista Sales, companies can control and keep track of the skills of their sales teams. This feature lets sales managers give jobs and leads to different people based on their areas of knowledge. This ensures that everyone does their best work and that customers are happy.

Smart Nudges Recommended by AI 

The power of artificial intelligence is used in our answer to help sales reps be more productive and achieve success. The Dista Sales App gives sales teams suggestions and notes in real-time through AI-recommended Smart Nudges. These smart nudges tell sales reps to do certain things or follow up with possible leads, leading to increased conversion rates and better sales performance overall.

Insights in Real Time

To make good business choices, you need access to real-time facts and information that you can act on. Dista Sales have a powerful analytics tool that gives sales managers real-time information about sales success, lead conversion rates, and team productivity, among other key performance indicators (KPIs). These findings help companies spot trends, improve their plans, and keep getting better.

Setting up and changing an appointment

Appointment-making and changing are important jobs for sales organizations because they directly affect how productive and efficient sales reps are. Dista Sales knows how important it is to handle appointments smoothly, so our Location-Intelligent Mobile Workstation has a lot of tools to make this easier.

Route modification

Route optimization is an important part of sales operations because it directly affects how well and quickly sales reps work in the field. Dista Sales' Location-Intelligent Mobile Workstation has powerful route planning features that help sales teams plan and carry out their trips in the best way possible.


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