Enhancing Satellite Data With Sobloo

Published on 24 Feb 2022

Satellite Data

One of the most important data sets for analyzing the effects of climate change is Earth observation data. However, academic and scientific organizations have several obstacles in acquiring, altering, and interpreting this data. Files are massive and cumbersome, and data must be continually updated in order to be fully utilized.

The European Union has an extensive Earth monitoring program, Copernicus, to better understand environmental concerns. Copernicus is made up of 30 Sentinel satellites devoted to Earth observation and a network of other sources such as ground stations, aerial and onboard sensors, and marine beacons. All of this information is sent into a database managed by the European Space Agency (ESA). This database contains indications for six major areas: the atmosphere, the sea, agriculture, climate, emergencies, and security.

The effort attempts to make use of this complicated data by developing new economic and scientific models based on satellite photos and data provided by the system.

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With Sobloo, Earth's Observation is Expanded

Although access to the data is free, the EU understood that it needed a specialized environment in order to use it and obtain important information. Sobloo was developed by a collaboration led by Orange and Airbus as a platform for accessing, storing, and processing earth observation photos. Orange's cloud resources enable scientists, corporations, and entrepreneurs to use the power of the cloud to prosper in developing new business models and software and apps based on Earth Observation Data. Sobloo delivers the business tools, APIs and connections, cross-references for data sources, and AI needed to manage raw data in a single environment.

Based On The Open Community Model

Sobloo was founded as an open community with the primary goal of conducting study and exploitation of data, geographical pictures, and services. It may, however, be used as a development platform for applications and services.

Soobloo's infrastructure is built on Orange Business Services' Flexible Engine public cloud service. It is an open-source ecosystem built on OpenStack that promotes quick innovation, increases scalability, simplifies regulatory compliance, and prevents vendor lock-in.

A Clever Elastic Service

You may have access to a development environment that delivers the flexibility, security, and performance of today's cloud technologies for academic and research situations thanks to the revolutionary idea of sobloo.

Orange's cloud resources will allow you to use the power of the cloud to analyze earth observation data and build new apps and software. Download to read the full whitepaper by Orange Business Services to learn about sobloo and how it is helping expand satellite data. 


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