FlexZero helps customers accelerate their Carbon Accounting & Reporting

Published on 03 Jul 2023

carbon accounting

Carbon accounting is a crucial aspect of environmental responsibility. At the moment, an incredible 86% of customers still use spreadsheets to figure out their carbon pollution. At the same time, a huge 87% of these customers are constantly looking for ways to improve how they report carbon. But the market doesn't have any good options that have the right mix of preconfigured emission factors and calculation models while still giving users the freedom to change calculations and make reports fit their own needs, which would make less of a strain on resources. Also, there aren't many options that are open and let you import and export data without any problems. Carbon accounting is essential to monitor and manage environmental impacts accurately. Also, the current options on the market require months of onboarding, which makes it take longer to get useful insights. FlexZero has taken it upon itself to change this and cut the time it takes to get carbon accounting insights from months to just a few days.

How FlexZero Can Help


FlexZero has created a unique Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that helps customers meet their carbon accounting and sustainability goals, effectively addressing carbon pollution concerns. This innovative option is only available on AWS Marketplace, which makes it easy for customers to access. By using emission factors and calculations that are common in the industry, the solution makes it easy for users to take in and handle data related to carbon pollution. Once the solution is processed, it provides valuable information about how much carbon is used for each action, enabling companies to track and manage their carbon emissions effectively. 

This information can then be put together to get a full picture of a company's carbon emissions, facilitating comprehensive carbon accounting. Also, the answer comes with built-in tools for making reports that investors will want to see right away, ensuring transparency and accountability in carbon reporting. Notably, all figures and reports can be easily changed through the application's user interface (UI), which doesn't require any code, streamlining the process of updating and modifying carbon accounting data. This built-in UI makes sure that the data can be fully audited and lets users keep track of changes to the data from the time they are first put in until the time they are reported, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of carbon accounting efforts.


The FlexZero Solution, with a strong focus on carbon accounting, has a lot of benefits, but its main strength is that it is only available on AWS, where it uses the latest AWS-managed services and cutting-edge machine learning tools for efficient carbon accounting. This makes sure that customers can utilize the most up-to-date technology to meet their needs for accurate carbon footprint tracking and reporting.


The answer comes with thousands of industry-standard emission factors, calculations, and reports already built in. Users can choose from a wide range of pre-configured business tasks that cover all three types of carbon emissions: Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3. Also, the solution is built to be flexible, so users can change any of these pre-built formulas to keep up with changes in greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting standards. This makes sure that carbon reporting is accurate and flexible.

Calculator That Doesn't Need Code

FlexZero gives users a powerful, easy-to-use UI-based calculation engine that doesn't require them to know how to code. This means that users can easily change or add to current calculations and transformations, or even make completely new ones, right through the easy-to-use interface. This speeds up the process and makes it easier to use.

Start in a few days, not a few months

The FlexZero Solution is great because it can be set up quickly, unlike many other similar solutions on the market that may take two or more months to get started. With its powerful set of data entry and reporting tools, users can sign up quickly and start seeing basic carbon footprint results within days. This speeds up their path to more sustainable practices by a large amount.


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